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This Week In History, 7-2-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago

May Cook is down with typhoid fever at her home at Clay. Nell Stump, who has been making her home with the Cooks, returned to the home of S.P. Bell very sick. It is feared that she too has typhoid.


Creston has an ice plant running every day. It should be a boon to our people as there was no ice put up here last year.


Fire broke out in the residence of George Hays at Arnoldsburg, and, for a short time, threatened to destroy nearly all the lower end of town. With heroic work of citizens, the fire was put out. Damage was considerable, but the occupants were thankful that it was not worse. The fire broke out between the water boards and the ceiling and is quite a mystery what caused it.



1959, 50 years ago

Those who remember the wonderful advent of the pen that wrote under water will be interested in the latest innovation in ballpoint pens. A new pen had been marketed in West Germany that glows in the dark. The manufacturer said that all those persons who had midnight inspirations could use the pen to jot them down.


The implication is that the pen will either be worn in one’s pajamas, or be nearby, for writing in the dark, whenever this sport is a temptation. While we do not attempt to stand in the way of progress, or set back civilization, we suggest that the prospects for this innovation are somewhat similar to those for the pen that wrote under water.


We need not elaborate on that statement other than to say that the reader might judge for himself the success of those earlier fountain pens by noticing the huge number of people who have begun to do their writing under water. It seems highly probable that a pen which wrote under water, and with a light, enabling the owner to use it in a dark pool, for example, would be the perfect solution.


Such a pen would be a wonderful possession for all those who own swimming pools, and who like to write letters underwater in them, at night.



 1984, 25 years ago


School-age youngsters, who are starting to wonder how to entertain themselves for the remainder of the long summer vacation, might consider taking some short-term summer courses at college. Through the Office of Continuing Education, Glenville State College is offering courses in basketball, cheer-leading, French, and West Virginia history.


Commuter basketball camp for area youths will focus on the fundamentals. Each camper will have opportunities to go one-on-one against other campers, as well as participate in games.


College cheerleading camp will emphasize floor cheers and sideline cheers. There will be a squad evaluation of skills at the close of each day.


In French class, students will learn numbers, tell time, the alphabet, and simple phrases.


West Virginia History will survey the life styles of early immigrants in regard to nationality of life style, including such topics as dress, diet, recreation, tools, and housing. Attention will be given to the location of early forts, defense, and Indian conflicts.

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