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This Week In History, 5-14-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago

The marriage business has been very dull of late, no license having been issued since Apr. 3.


A young guy by the name of Barton was sent to the Pasteur Institute last week by the charitable people of Glenville, and surrounding country. The boy was bitten several days ago by a mad dog and the dog’s head was sent off and found to have a well-developed case of hydrophobia.

   The White Pine division of the Citizen’s Telephone Co. brought its line into the Grantsville switch board last week.




1959, 50 years ago

There are many people in the world, including some in Calhoun, who are quite convinced that the human race has never passed through an era of such critical import. These people have had no experience with former ages and not many of them have read much about what the world went through in former ages.


One worries about the likelihood of inflation or depression. Another concern is over the gradually developing welfare state, with fears it will eliminate the urge that makes human beings go forward. When these things are out of mind, there is always time to be concerned over the government’s budget and the probable taxes that one will have to pay.


There are those who are worried about the divorce rate, the antics of youths and the dwindling importance of the home. At other times, they are concerned with the fundamental decline in character.


The trouble with most of the expert worriers is that they are not willing to stand on their foundation, but insist on telling everybody that, unless all people stand on the same foundation, there will be a disastrous end for humanity.



 1984, 25 years ago

County commissioners made it official--the new Minnie Hamilton Primary Health Care Center will be located on the site of the Witt house, adjacent to the hospital.


Bob Parkins, coordinator of the project, told Lloyd Vaughan, David Barr and Glenn Hanlin that before the Appalachian Regional Commission would give final approval to the grant application, the commissioners had to specify exactly where the building will be built.


Vaughan noted that, although he has been opposed to destroying the Witt house in the past, he recognized that there would be further delays if an alternate site for the new health care facility were considered.


The commission reached its decision to use the Witt house location despite objections from Alvin Engelke, secretary-treasurer of Calhoun Hospital’s board of trustees, who reminded them that the trustees had gone on record as opposing the demolition of the building. He said that the hospital was using the partially renovated dwelling and had plans for its continued use. He said that, although title to the $37,500 property had been turned over to the county commission, the building had been purchased and partially renovated with hospital funds.

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