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This Week In History, 4-30-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago

A force of hands went to work on Cabot’s Frank Wilson well on Leafbank, and will put her to pumping again. Drilled last year, it showed for a good oil well, pumping out about 50 barrels in three days. When the rods got to working badly, work was stopped. The well is in the Injun Sand, and about 3,000 feet northeast of the Bickel well.


We understand that Bickel Bros. will drill a test well at once on the A.G. Mathews home farm on Leafbank. The Yellow Creek Oil Co. will drill a well on the Jim Yoak farm at once. Cabot also has a location on the Brown Johnson farm and is drilling his well on the Smith farm to a deeper sand. Pretty soon, things will be lively in the Grantsville oil field.



 1959, 50 years ago

Record House, formerly known as Law Hardware Music Bar, has moved into the shop adjoining Law Hardware on the right. The building will serve as a central supply terminal for additional Record House outlets in Glenville, Gassaway, Sutton, Summersville, Richwood, Marlington, Elizabeth, Harrisville, St. Marys, Pennsboro, West Union, and New Matamoras, among other key market areas.


Robert Law, owner and manager, said the move was necessary to handle increased sales and additional stock. The business was formed in February 1958, and has since become recognized as “the state’s biggest chain dealer outlet”--a result of an endless search for the ultimate in record merchandising.




 1984, 25 years ago

Progress on two county projects--the industrial park and a county recreation complex-- was reported at back-to-back meetings. Ivy Von Yoak, president of Calhoun Development Corp. and Calhoun County Parks and Recreation Commission, briefed members of the two groups on the status of the projects designed to provide jobs and recreation.


At the Development Corp. meeting, Yoak gave a financial report and said that trees were being removed and earth was being moved on the site of the future industrial park.


He detailed receipts and expenditures of $142,068 for the Development Corp. The major receipt was a long-term low-interest loan of $104,059 from the State of West Virginia. The major expenditure during the fiscal year was $60,000 for the 32-acre site of the industrial park.


The meeting concluded just before 3 p.m. Immediately afterwards, the Parks and Recreation Commission met, also in the little courtroom.


Yoak told that group that Gov. Jay Rockefeller had promised “priority” support for the recreation project, and had acknowledged before representatives from all over the state that Calhoun has not had its fair share of money in the past. Yoak told the group that $600,000 was being sought to bring the project to its initial stages. The money would come from a combination of matching grants, in-kind valuations, loans, and outright grants.

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