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This Week In History, 4-23-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago

In a four-year horoscope, Col. Baden-Powell anticipates the progress of aerial navigation. This year, he expects to see three and four-hour flights and journeys of over 100 miles. In the second year, aeroplanes will be able to start from any ground and stem the gales. There will be races and cross-country journeys. In the third year, aero-planes will be quite common. Nearly everybody will have the chance to see one coursing through the air. The fourth year, “We may be able to say that flying is common. It may not be exactly an everyday experience, but most well-to-do people will have made a trip.”



 1959, 50 years ago

We cannot refrain longer from commenting on the bean poles modeling most women’s apparel. For some time, we have suffered through these fashion fads in silence.


In the first place, the anemic specimens which are featured as models are repulsive looking to most red blooded Americans. While realizing that the effort involved is an effort to sell clothes, we are not convinced that the rails now being used as models are the best medium to achieve that end.


The average American male prefers a healthy looking American girl and is not attracted to the broomsticks being employed as models. We believe that females dress largely for their opposite sex, at least until they reach middle age and, even then, some dress to please men.


Thus, we see no objection to the use of normal looking American girls as models. They will present a truer picture of the way the products they advertise will appear on the average American girl than they do on under weights. The use of normal looking, healthy American girls as fashion models will not encourage our daughters to starve themselves half of each day in order to imitate the bony appearance of models.



 1984, 25 years ago

Consolidated Gas Transmis-sion Corp. has announced a realignment in its facilities in Calhoun County.


Pending approval by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, it will install leased horsepower on the site of the former Craig Station. Additional drilling in the area has necessitated the installation of this horsepower. Modern 1,100 horsepower engines will be operated as a satellite of Yellow Creek Station, Big Springs.


The new facilities are scheduled to ultimately replace the Cabot operations as production in the area declines.


Seven miles of 10-inch line will be laid from Craig Station to Burnt House. Target date for the installation of new engines is May 1.




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