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This Week In History, 4-16-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago

The family of Dr. G.O. Hopkins left Saturday morning on the good ship Clarence for Creston. We do not know where they will locate.


Roscoe Hardman has sold his famous Hereford bull Marmaduke 5th and a fine bunch of heifers to Okey Beall of Burnt House. Hardman recently purchased the fine bull Beau Brummel, who is noted as being the finest in the state.


Erre Stump of this place is now working on a drilling well in Ritchie County, near Petroleum. He contemplates leaving soon for British Columbia, where he will work for an oil company.



 1959, 50 years ago

Grantsville volunteer firemen had an especially busy day on Tuesday, answering four calls. Two houses were destroyed, one off the Phillips Run road and another at Big Springs.


The H.O. Lane family lost all possessions in a fire that destroyed their home. Mrs. Lane rescued their three-month-old baby in the family room from the burning building, but was slightly burned in doing so. The blanket in which the baby was wrapped caught fire and she hurriedly dropped it as she fled the blazing structure.


Firemen were able to save the Raymond Hupp house which was threatened by the spreading fire. En route to the Lane fire, firemen stopped to extinguish a blaze on Phillips Run, which was also threatening a house.


An unoccupied house at Big Springs was destroyed, the firemen answering that call as soon as they returned from the Lane fire. They also answered a call to extinguish a brush fire on Sycamore.


Grantsville volunteer firemen have been called out a number of times in the last week to fight brush and forest fires, which have been prevalent in the area.


Fire chief Orville Barnett said that he and the men in the department were willing to assist in fighting these brush fires in the county because they might at some time be able to save someone’s house or other valuable property. They have returned from some of these fires both weary and muddy, freely donating their time to help their neighbors.



 1984, 25 years ago

Music . . . costumes . . . props . . . there’s excitement in the air! A Capella Choir will present “Follies 1984,” Apr. 12-14.


The theme is “Salute To American Music,” with Charles Miller directing, assisted by Jack Downs and Bill Gorrell. William Kerby will be the Master of Entertainment.


The music selections will range from “Yankee Doodle” to “Karma Chameleon.” Specialty acts will include the Senior Girls Trio, which has entertained audiences for four years, and the class numbers, with the themes of: Seniors, Humorous songs; Juniors, Commercials; Sophomores, Punk rock; Freshmen, School Days; and the Devilaires, Battle songs and American Bandstand.




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