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This Week In History, 3-5-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago

Bickel Bros. drilled its Hamilton No. 1 to the Injun Sand last week and struck a nice gas well. Mont Fouty came and put in a 60-quart shot of nitro-glycerin and increased the flow of gas.


In about an hour after the shot was put in, it was noticed that the well was spraying oil, and is now showing for a nice little producer. It will be several days before it can be ascertained just what the well will make, as it will be necessary to put in a string of casing.


There is much activity in leasing and it is confidently believed that there will soon be an oil boom in and about Grantsville.





 1959, 50 years ago

It is difficult for us to realize how a tiny satellite, such as the Vanguard, which was recently fired from Cape Canaveral, can tell us much about the weather, but the presently orbiting Vanguard will give weather scientists valuable information.


Inside the 20-inch satellite are two photo cells, which will scan the earth’s surface and spot cloud formations. These cells distinguish between cloudy and clear areas on the earth in daylight and also reflect sea and land masses, and records them as electrical impulses.


These are stored on a tape recorder within the satellite and transmitted to ground radio stations. Since the satellite is spinning, it was necessary to equip it with two transmitters, so that one would always be receivable.


The launching was so timed that the satellite will always be in sunlit areas when it is at its lowest point--or perigee--of its orbit. This is slightly more than 300 miles from the earth.


 1984, 25 years ago

The folks of Calhoun County do not do things halfway. A fine example of this was in 1932, when the residents of the county built the Calhoun cottage at Jackson’s Mill. Despite the depression, financing and construction at the State 4-H grounds was done in record-breaking time. All the labor and materials were donated by public spirited citizens of Calhoun. Now, there is need for additional county support.


Dedication of the building took place on May 29, 1932, just six months after a group of folks saw the need for a county cottage. Approximately 2,000 people from Calhoun attended.


Many Calhoun residents and their children, who belonged to 4-H groups, farm women’s clubs, recreation groups, and later, Extension Homemakers, have stayed in the cottage. Other organizations and groups also use this facility.


Previously, the State of West Virginia budgeted money for improvements at Jackson’s Mill, but funds have not been sufficient recently to make all the needed improvements. A committee composed of Extension Homemakers is again asking the citizens of Calhoun to donate $1,500.


The money is needed for indoor lighting in all rooms, bedspreads and drapes for the private rooms, and new shrubbery. These improvements will make the cottage much brighter and more cheerful. Several Extension clubs have started the ball rolling with donations.




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