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This Week In History, 3-19-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago

Peter Hicks and son “Chub” have sold their barber shop to Ben Rogers, who formerly worked here, but has been practicing his profession in Harrisville for several years. Hicks will assist Rogers on Saturdays. Grantsville people would indeed feel lost to go to the barber shop on Saturday and not find Pete there, as he has been on hand every Saturday for the past 30 years.


 1959, 50 years ago

Sen. John Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat and prominent Roman Catholic, who is considered to be one of the top Presidential contenders in the Democratic party, has struck a blow for his candidacy.


In an appeal to non-Catholics, he has come out against sending an ambassador to the Vatican, announced his belief in the separation of church and state, and expressed opposition to the federal government’s support of any church or its schools. This announcement is considered a political bid of the first order and a masterstroke in the political field.


In the U.S., since the Constitution provides for separation of church and state, no candidate would stand a ghost of a chance unless he affirmed his faith and dedication to the Constitution.


Kennedy’s strong statement in behalf of American principles will improve his chances with Protestants and acts to work against the fear of so many Americans that any good Catholic must sincerely be influenced, if not primarily so to a great degree, by the dictates of a foreign and alien church hierarchy.


 1984, 25 years ago

Late last week, the BF Goodrich plant near Grantsville terminated six long-term salaried employees without advance notice. Four of the positions were at the managerial level. With a payroll of 139 employees, Goodrich is one of the largest employers in Calhoun. As word of the un-expected layoffs spread through the area, concern was expressed that further terminations might follow.


Those who received layoff notices included a manager, a scheduling supervisor, a production supervisor, a quality control technician and two plant security guards. Some of them, who had been employed by Goodrich for more than 20 years, admitted surprise at the suddenness of the layoffs.


One of the discharged executives, who asked not to be identified, said that the layoffs were part of a nationwide economy program that Goodrich had initiated at its various operations. Not long ago, some 600 workers were laid off in Goodrich chemical plants.


Jay Caldwell, plant manager, said that the layoffs were “a cost reduction measure that had to be taken as a result of the economic situation.” He added that Goodrich was “not contemplating any further layoffs immediately.”






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