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This Week In History, 12-17-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


Editor R.E. Hays met with a peculiar accident last week in the way of a spider bite on the back of his left hand, which has been put out of commission by this tiny insect. It is yet causing considerable pain.


Mrs. Jim Yoak lost her hand satchel containing considerable money and checks, but it was luckily found by Olive Bell of Annamoriah, who promptly returned it after he found out who the owner was.


W.H. Bickel and Otto Lehman of Parkersburg have shipped an air compressor to the Grantsville oil field, where they are establishing a plant for the manufacture of gasoline from natural gas under a new process.


They will begin installing the necessary machinery in a building that has already been prepared. They are satisfied that they will make a success of their experiment. Many local people are interested in the outcome of the experiment, as it is said that gasoline can be produced at much less cost by the new process than by the old.


1959, 50 years ago

We saw a picture of a man diving off a bridge, several stories above an ice-cold river, and the cutline below revealed that the man was 62.


On the same day, we read of an interview that newsmen had with Sen. Jack Kennedy, who is running for U.S. president. Kennedy said that he did not think age should be a determining factor in consideration of a candidate, although he admitted that his age, 42, was something of a handicap in his bid for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party.


“A lot of men of seventy can’t write a letter, so doesn’t it really come down to what the quality is of the candidate?” said Kennedy.


We agree. Thomas Jefferson was only 32 when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Some of history’s greatest men and leaders have been under 40, or even 30, when they reached the zenith of their fame and power. Pleading that one is too young to be able, or that one is so old before he is entrusted with responsibility, is the last refuge of the elderly. It is a defensive, negative view to which we do not subscribe.


Generally speaking, a person is only as old as he feels. Spirit, a sense of well-being, exercise and an adequate diet are all important. Perhaps a sense of well-being, or the “young as you feel” spirit, is the main thing. Think young, and remain active, and you will probably live longer.



 1984, 25 years ago

A groundbreaking ceremony is being planned by the Calhoun Parks and Recreation Commission at the newly purchased 214 acre county park at Mt. Zion.


Details of the ceremony will be announced as soon as possible, according to Jackie Robin-son, commission chairman.


The park, now property of Calhoun County, is located on what is known as Barr Hill, alongside Rt. 16, in the vicinity of Hickman Service Center up to the intersection of Sycamore Road.


Most of the $125,000 purchase price of the land was made up from private donations from many individuals and businesses, all interested in developing a recreational park for Calhoun County.

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