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This Week In History, 11-5-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


County Court met in special session on Saturday for the purpose of contracting construction of two stone piers for the bridge across the Little Kanawha River at this place.


The contract was awarded to J.V. Tulley, well-known Braxton County contractor, at $7.50 per cubic yard. It is estimated there will be about 800 yards.


There were only two bidders, Tulley and Hugh Prother of Wirt County. The other bid was $8 per yard.


The court has not received the Government’s permit to build the bridge, but it is thought that it will be forthcoming at once.


Tulley will not commence work until next Spring. It will be necessary to put in considerable machinery in order to handle the stone at the height the piers will be built, 52 feet, and, as nothing could be gained by building the piers now on account of having to wait for next year’s levy before the iron could be put on, it was thought best to wait until the machinery and supplies could be shipped in by boat.


The badly needed and long tried for bridge is to be built at last. We are assured of it, and the people rejoice that it is so.



1959, 50 years ago

Too many of us tend to follow the crowd and “conform,” but much of the world’s progress has been made by men and women who refused to conform when they thought the crowd, or majority, was wrong.


It is very easy in life to accept gossip about those one has an inclination to be jealous of. It is a common fault for us to try to pull others down to our own level--if they have outperformed us in life in some way.


The tendency of too many of us is to belittle things we do not understand, dislike those with whom we disagree, and close our minds to learning after we have reached a certain age.


There is usually a high price to pay when one bucks the majority, or when one refuses to follow the crowd. If everyone around us idles away their afternoons, that is no reason why we should idle away ours.


If a certain type of work is frowned upon by the so-called social set, that is no reason why some good, honest sweat should not be expended by any man or woman who puts commonsense ahead of pride.


It is good for all of us to evaluate our lives and our philosophies and give some thought to standing on our own two feet. It is easy to follow the crowd, but remember the crowd is very often wrong.



 1984, 25 years ago

A significant gas discovery at East Cameron Block 299 in the Gulf of Mexico was reported early last month by Consolidated Natural Gas Co.


The company said that data and test results point to its largest discovery since High Island Block A-571 in 1977. The discovery well was not flow tested, but tests performed on the second well drilled on the lease showed a combined flow rate from the two zones of 15 million cubic feet of gas and 170 barrels of condensate a day.


Consolidated owns a 50 percent working interest in the field through its CNG Producing Company subsidiary, which is also the operator. Mark Producing, Inc., also holds a 50 percent interest.

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