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This Week In History, 11-26-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


Uncle Sam is doing some good work on the locks and dams in the Little Kanawha River, making them water-tight, so that we will have water transportation a greater portion of the year.


Every citizen in the Little Kanawha Valley should aid the project of improving our beautiful river. The sentiment is rapidly crystallizing for river improvements all over the country. That section where business men and property owners are energetic in pushing their claims for appropriation will first receive aid from the government.


Each county in this valley should have representatives at the waterways convention to be held at Cincinnati next week, and at all other such meetings. So much can be said in favor of the Little Kanawha country. Our resources have scarcely been touched and development only just begun.


1959, 50 years ago

From another field comes evidence that the Soviet Union is fully challenging U.S. leadership in the modern world. This is the field of medicine.


An effective live virus vaccine to control influenza has been developed in Russia, according to Dr. A.A. Smorodinstev of Leningrad. The live vaccine is squirted directly into the nose, and is administered to 20,000,000 people annually, according to the Russian.


Also, a live virus vaccine against mumps has been developed in Russia and a polio vaccine of the live type has been administered to 12,000,000 Russian children.


These signs of progress in medical research in Russia are significant. It reaffirms what so many informed Americans already know, that energy, work and challenge in almost all scientific fields is to be expected from the regimented communist regime in Russia.


 First of all, we must not make the mistake of thinking that because our system is free and democratic that it must inevitably outdo a regimented system. The progress Russia has made in the missiles and rockets field shows that a broad, directed national effort in Russia faces us with a grave challenge.


Of course, in the field of medicine, all of us welcome any progress--in any part of the world. The fact that progress is evident in Russia, and significant progress is, in addition, confirmation of the fact that Russia is seriously challenging the U.S. in almost every scientific field



 1984, 25 years ago

Calhoun County Extension Homemaker’s Cultural Arts Committee has been conducting a fund raising campaign for the benefit of the Calhoun County cottage at Jackson’s Mill.


So far, the committee has collected $834.39, which will be used to make repairs and additions to the cottage, which is located on the campus of the state 4-H camp near Weston.

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