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This Week In History, 10-29-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


There is an epidemic of diphtheria in the Rocksdale and Richardsonville settlements. A small child of Norval Grim died of this terrible disease last week, and there are several more cases reported. Among them are four children of Ed Starcher and one of W.E. Anderson, the latter of whom is said to be dangerously sick.


We understand that there is a trade on between Battell Ferrell of Brooksville and Joe Smith   of Cabot’s Factory, whereby Ferrell will exchange his splendid farm on the Little Kanawha for Smith’s farm in Pennsylvania. We would regret to lose Ferrell as a citizen of Calhoun, but our best wishes go with him.


1959, 50 years ago

The approach of Halloween reminds us that there are practical jokers who delight, when-ever they can, to scare the wits out of other people. This may be all right with some individuals, but there are persons, especially among the young, whose health can be badly damaged by practical jokers and their thoughtless pranks.


Parents, who think they know their children pretty well, realize that the urge to destruction ranks right alongside hunger as a youthful motivation, and they, therefore, aren’t too much surprised at anything that may happen around the end of October.


The witches, ghosts, goblins and other malevolent spirits can often turn into destructive elements, unless they are wisely counseled and closely guided.


What can adults do to prevent the useless destruction and unhappy consequences which sometimes follow a night of merry-making? Well, there are the old time honored tricks of giving parties, arranging parades and moving everything moveable from the outside into the garage or even the living room. Protection may also be bought by providing large quantities of “treats” to take the place of “tricks.”


With a little bit of forethought on the part of adults, there can be heaps of fun for young and old, and less remorse on the morning after for un-thinking pranks committed the night before.


 1984, 25 years ago

Calhoun County High School, in common with schools all over the country, has joined the computer age.


For the first time, CCHS is offering computer lab classes for credit to any student in grades nine through 12. Classes are taught by Jennifer Morris and Barbara Miller. At present, the school has seven I.B.M. computers in use. Five Apple computers have been ordered and are expected to arrive soon.


Morris said that approximately 30 students are enrolled, and she expects that figure to double next year. The course includes a textbook and deals primarily with computer literacy, not only programming. She said the students were enjoying the class and, by the end of the semester, should have a working knowledge of computers.


The computers are also available for use by any teacher in the Calhoun County school system for student instruction, recordkeeping, and grades.

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