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This Week In History, 10-15-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


“Wig” Bickle and Otto Lehman were here for several days cleaning out their gas and oil wells and otherwise improving their property.


They are now at work on a scheme to manufacture gasoline from the gas in the Hamilton No. 1 well, which is the only well they have that produces gas with a paraffin base. That kind of gas is the only kind from which gasoline can be manufactured.


If plans are successful, the working of the new plant will be very simple and the product will be much more remunerative than the gas in its raw state, as it is said that 1,000 feet of gas, for which they are now receiving 1- 1/2 cents, will manufacture four gallons of gasoline which is worth about 20 cents a gallon, and the gas afterwards can still be utilized for illuminating and heating purposes.


It is sincerely hoped that their plans will be successful and that they will meet with that financial success that their untiring efforts so justly merit.


While the operation of the plant as now proposed will not require much of a payroll to operate, it will still bring a lot of money into this firm’s hands, which will be used in further developing territory in this community, and it will do our town and the county a great deal of good.



1959, 50 years ago

Things are really humming around Calhoun General Hospital. While awaiting an opening date, the personnel are preparing for the day when the first patient will be received.


Each room is getting a final cleaning, and is being set up ready for use. Draperies are hung, beds made, and everything made antiseptically clean.


The surgical instruments are being sterilized and packed into units, according to their use.


Head nurse Martha Spain-hour has completed the teaching of a 40-hour class for nurses aides. In the class were Sandra Brown, Renice Holbert, Rilma Keeton, Irene Kelley, Lila Starkey, Delphia Vannoy and Juanita Plant. The first six named will be those employed when the hospital is opened.



 1984, 25 years ago

Grantsville town council met Monday evening and approved a resolution to apply for $233,040 in state and federal funds to improve its sewer system. As a condition of the grant, the council must come up with matching funds of $58,260. Council agreed to apply for an FmHA loan in this amount.


Mayor Joe Virden said that if the loan and grant applications are successful, the money would be used to repair sewer lines and manholes, to take excess water drain lines out of the sewer lines, and to make improvements at the sewer treatment plant.




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