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This Week In History, 10-1-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


We learn that Godfrey L. Cabot will put his Creston lamp black factory in operation.


Wig Bickel of Parkersburg set a meter on his Freshour gas well. His company has abandoned the idea of drilling another well in the immediate future because of the dullness of the gas market. We understand that Cabot, who is a wholesale buyer in this county, has more gas than he can use and has several of his wells shut in.


If Nero fiddled while Rome burned, doesn’t Taft golf while America sizzles.


Judson Mitt of Sycamore met with misfortune last Monday, cutting one of his fingers while hooping a barrel.


1959, 50 years ago

Louis Armstrong, administrator of Calhoun General Hospital, told members of Grantsville Lions Club about progress of the hospital.


Equipment on hand at the hospital is 97 percent complete, said Armstrong, and as far as equipment and facilities are concerned, the hospital could receive patients immediately.


Biggest problem yet to be solved was to get a medical doctor established here. He did report some definite progress had been made, as one of the doctors who had been contacted was coming this week to look over the hospital and area, and that prospects were good that he would establish a practice here.


In addition to one resident doctor, the services of a surgeon and a gynecologist will be available on a part-time basis. Surgeon Dr. David Turner of Marietta will be on duty at the hospital on Thursday and Friday of each week. Dr. Marion S. Brown, a gynecologist, will be here on a regular weekly schedule yet to be determined.


 1984, 25 years ago

At a combined business meeting and covered dish dinner, the board of directors of Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center took a long look forward and signed a contract with a doctor, who will begin working in Calhoun County in mid-July, 1985.


At the conclusion of the dinner, held at Knotts Memorial Church, Grantsville, Michael Mills, president of the board, signed a contract with Lannie Cesaro, a doctor of osteopathy.


The contract specifies that Cesaro will serve as family practice physician for Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center starting July 16, 1985.


By that time, it is hoped that the long-delayed facility to be built adjacent to Calhoun General Hospital will be ready to provide primary health care and related services to residents of Calhoun and surrounding areas.


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