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This Week In History, 1-1-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

Dr. C.H. Toepfer of Pittsburgh has taken over the practice of the late Dr. Dewitte C. McDonald and is located in the former offices of McDonald in the Witt building on Main St.


Toepfer attained his degree at Des Moines Still College, after doing premedical work at Washington-Jefferson College. He completed his internship at Des Moines General Hospital a short time ago. He is a pleasant gentleman with every indication of ability.




 1958, 50 years ago

Practically every person in Calhoun, whether man or woman, boy or girl, regardless of age and circumstances, hopes and intends to make a success of life.


It is only when we attempt to define the meaning of “success” that differences of opinion develop. Subsequently, it might be a good idea for the individual to stop long enough to ponder the question and answer it.


The individual, in his or her zeal to be successful, often accepts a popular definition of the term and thereby loses sight of the real goal. One’s success is not to be measured by the worldly honors received, or the fickle acclamation of so-called public opinion.


When there are so many ideas about success, we suggest that the individual reader analyze his or her conception. It should be obvious that one can be successful only when our life is in harmony with our inner convictions. If our principles are wrong, life will be imperfect.


To those who read this article and, particularly to the young people, we suggest the effort to outline definite principles which are considered acceptable guides. As a start, one might try to discover a definite principle upon which to base one’s daily activity and to which one is willing to be loyal under all circumstances. This might sound easy, but test it for yourself.




 1983, 25 years ago


In a unanimous decision, the county commissioners have decided that land adjacent to the Witt house, near Calhoun General Hospital, is to be the site of Minnie Hamilton Primary Health Care Center.


Commissioners David Barr, Lloyd Vaughan and Glenn Hanlin spent most of the morning of Dec. 13 conducting an on-site inspection of the land, accompanied by county clerk Richard Stalnaker; Mid-Ohio Valley board of health’s Bob Parkins, CGH board president Pleasant Williams, hospital administrator Robert Baer; Health Care Center board members Elva Vaughan, Michael Mills and Judy Williams, AE Associates engineer Ken Bullock,  and Dr. Gary Panik.


The delegation circled the Witt house, studied the surrounding land, and inspected an old two-car garage and three ancient house trailers used for storage. Bullock used a long tape to measure distances off the corner of the house and verified that there was sufficient space in the area to provide for a 4,000 sq. ft. building and parking area.

The commissioners returned to the little courtroom to continue their meeting that had begun on Dec. 3 and approved the property.

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