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This Week In History, 12-31-09


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1909, 100 years ago


Frank and Henry Richards of Yellow Creek were in town Saturday on business. They informed us that three more trips would complete their contract of delivering staves at the mouth of Leafbank. This has been a large, hard job, and we are glad to know that the energetic men have made some money by the contract.


State game warden Viquesney has notified all his deputies to arrest any persons caught hunting game with ferrets this winter. In an attempt to prevent the slaughter of game, the game warden has taken this action.


Assessor Bob Knotts was a visitor in town Thursday night. He was on his way to the factory for casing to be used as flues in his new house that he is building on Frozen Run. Bob is a hustler, and is one of the county’s most efficient and popular officials.


Jenkins Stallman, one of the prosperous farmers of near White Pine, was in town on Saturday. He has a rough hillside farm that he has cleared and improved with his own hands, and it is now one of the most productive to the number of acres used of any farm in the county. He is a good citizen and a splendid farmer, but his politics are awful.


G.L. Wilson, hickorywithe chair maker, carpenter and broom maker, moved his family to our village on Friday and will work in Hardman and Gainer’s broom factory.


1959, 50 years ago

A new process in drilling oil and gas wells is expected to be tested here in the near future. Tests are being conducted by Halliburton Co. of Duncan, Okla., on the use of high frequency sound waves as a way to increase production. The process, now in the initial experimental days, is being tried as a way to replace the present sand fracturing of wells with a less costly method.


South Penn Oil Co. is helping in the experiments, and three wells in Calhoun County will be used. L.E. Vance, superintendent here for South Penn, said that preparations were now being made at the first well site for the demonstration. The first will take place on Thursday at 10 a.m. at a well very near Holly Nestor’s store, near Millstone. All interested persons are invited to the demonstration.


The new process, it was reported, was first used in working on water wells in Kansas. It was then thought that the same method might prove valuable in oil and gas production, so experimental wells have been used in Ohio and Illinois in the past few weeks, and the equipment then is to be sent here for demonstrations.


Interest has been expressed by a number of producers, who expect to attend the demonstrations when they are set up.


 1984, 25 years ago

Lawyers representing some two dozen oil and gas companies in Calhoun County appeared before the county commission at its last meeting to seek tax exonerations. The session ended with one exonera­tion granted and other companies instructed to prepare amended tax tickets for consideration by the assessor and the commissioners.


Appearing before the commissioners were attorneys Richard Brumbaugh and Stephen Thompson. Also present were Don Conners of Ace Oil Service, Inc., Harry Berger of Sterling Drilling & Production Co., Inc., Gordon Morton of Registry Drilling Associates, Inc., K. Paul Goodnight of Allstate Energy Corp., and accountant Larry S. Grimm.


Brumbaugh, speaking for eight oil and gas producers, went through the tax tickets one by one with Friedberg. In some instances, incorrect identifications or late filings were the problem; in others, some of the tickets related to un-operated acreage, and some to producing wells. In virtually every instance, Friedberg’s advice was the same: File an amended tax return showing the true value of the well or lease, and submit it to the assessor’s office.

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