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This Week In History, 9-18-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

America is ready to swing into another great movement to combat the forces of unemployment, and the program is underway to speed up the momentum of the business machine. Just how these far-flung plans will be carried out was described by mayor Herbert H. Stump, chairman of the N.R.A. committee in Grantsville.


“The project quite naturally follows the Blue Eagle campaign,” he said, “which has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of the entire nation as nothing has done since the stirring War days of 1917 and 1918. The Blue Eagle drive, including the codification activities of the N.R.A., has resulted in placing more than 90 percent of the business of the country under the President’s Agreement. More than 2,000,000 workers have been reemployed and millions of dollars have been added to the weekly pay envelopes of those who toil. All this has spelled tremendous happiness for millions of homes and has completely changed the economic outlook.


“It must be remembered that this addition to the buying power of the public has placed burdens on business. Business must be speeded up in order to make it possible for employers to continue to maintain their added labor costs. Business must be stepped up to a much faster clip than is the case at present.”


Stump explained the methods by which it is hoped these objectives will be attained: “The activities will be based on the logic of our slogan, “Now is the time to buy.” You will note that we are not making use of the word ‘campaign.’ Our plan calls for a logical, systematic program to be carried on between now and the holidays with the sole object of stimulating a well-ordered business acceleration.”



  1958, 50 years ago

A former Calhoun County girl, Omalea Kimble, has been crowned “Miss Akron” at the annual All Boards of Trade Picnic at Summit Beach Park. She was picked over 61 other contestants.


With her at the crowning was her proud father, Delbert Kimble, who is a policeman at the Goodyear plant in Akron. In addition to their 16-year-old beauty queen, Mr. and Mrs. Kimble have a son, Michael, 15, and a daughter, Marianne, 10.


They formerly lived in Calhoun and Omalea attended school here. She is a senior at Ellet High School, Akron, and has appeared in fashion shows and studied modeling. She expects to continue her studies at Kent State University after completing high school.



 1983, 25 years ago


Saturday, Sept. 10, was the start of a successful marching season for the CCHS Red Devil Marching Band, when it traveled to Poca, to participate in the 4th annual Putnam Invitational Band Festival, sponsored by Putnam County Chamber of Commerce. The band received a two-foot 3rd place trophy for playing and field maneuvers.


Participating were Ohio and West Virginia bands, including one from Portsmouth, Ohio, where Calhoun competes next.

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