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This Week In History, 12-4-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

Ex-sheriff R.J. Knotts of Dodrill was a prominent visitor in Grantsville this week. He recently received from Sheriff P.P. Gunn a check for 30 cents, being the amount that was found to be due him from his settle-ment of four years as sheriff and tax collector.


During his term, he collected as taxes and disbursed nearly one million dollars and closed his accounts with only 30 cents due him.


He may be justly proud of his record in the sheriff’s office, not only of the way he kept his books, but also of the courteous and accommodating manner in which he met all comers to his office.




 1958, 50 years ago

Boy Scouts Troop 85 of Grantsville distributed booklets on civil defense throughout the town on Saturday morning. The booklet, “Handbook for Emergencies,” is a publication of the Office of Defense and Civilian Mobilization.


Besides disaster information, it has first aid instruction and radioactive fallout protection.




 1983, 25 years ago


The board of education on Monday evening was advised that 22 children who live in the Jesse’s Run area were missing many days of school because of high water.


The situation, which came as a surprise to the five-person board, as well as school superintendent Ron Blankenship, was explained by Susan Kelleher, who spoke for a delegation of seven Jesse’s Run parents. She said that during periods of heavy rain, when the water rises over a fill in the vicinity of Altizer Road and Rt. 33, the bus that normally takes the children to Arnoldsburg School will not cross the high water.


She said the parents living in the area had no way of knowing if the bus would come to pick up the children in the morning, nor did they know if it would be able to deliver them home in the afternoon.


Many school days were missed because of high water, Kelleher said. One mother asserted that her kindergarten-aged child had missed 89 days last year because of the school’s transportation policy that pro-hibits a bus from crossing high water.


Parents told the board that they had discussed the problem with transportation director Roger Propst, but had not had any response. What they are looking for, they said, was an alternative way to get their children to school, short of taking the children themselves.


Blankenship and board president Jackie Robinson assured the parents that they would try to find a remedy.

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