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This Week In History, 12-18-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

Paris--European nations, obsessed by fear of impending war, are steadily increasing their armaments. Two factors lie behind the increase in the arms burden--the fear that Hitlerite Germany is preparing for revenge and the belief that the disarmament conference will fail.


France has speeded up work on frontier fortifications, stretching from Dunkirk to Basle and from Mount Blanc on the Swiss frontier to Nice on the Mediterranean.


The British air ministry has ordered 100 new fighting planes with a top speed of 250 miles an hour, and a number of tri-motored flying boats equipped with one and one-half pounder rapid-firing guns.


Reports that Germany had a plan to attack France by passing through Switzerland induced the Swiss government to appropriate additional funds for national defense. These funds are to be devoted to increasing the reserve supplies of arms and ammunition.




 1958, 50 years ago

Every American family that enjoys the benefits of good food, clothing, shelter and some of the luxuries of life, would do well to look around them and decide upon a Christmas project for a needy family, or a fellow citizen who is less fortunate.


If every family would assume the responsibility of helping one other family, or some unfortunate, ill, or needy individual, this Christmas could be the best ever observed in the U.S.


We are not suggesting that families wait until Christmas time, go down to the local store and buy a few groceries to take to some needy family. In this way, the really deserving cases are not found, because there is not enough time to investigate the situation properly, and the real spirit of Christmas is not fully carried out.


Those who wish to make this Christmas season a happy one for all the children, and not just those children with wealth at their command, should look around to discover other ways of helping their fellowmen.


Should all of us assume the task of one such undertaking, our community would greatly profit because the spirit of brotherly love and friendship would be enormously enriched by the active efforts of those who are able to help those who might be temporarily struggling through difficult times.




 1983, 25 years ago


Fred Wolford of Ravenna, Ohio, is the craftsperson of the month at Sunshine Corner Gift Shop. He is the brother of Medeta Ball of Grantsville.


His specialty is handcrafted wood items for the home. Some items on display are a coat tree, a wine rack, towel rack and shelf, chopping board, sconces of three different designs, mirrors, napkin holders, and coasters. The items are available in several different kinds of wood, some of which come from the family farm in Calhoun.


Wolford is employed by Morse Controls, Division of Incom International. He is married and has a 13-year-old daughter. When there were rumors of possible layoffs at his plant, he decided to turn his hobby of woodcarving into a small business. He prepares his own wood and designs his own work.

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