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This Week In History, 11-20-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

The county welfare board was in session on Saturday and approved several new civil works projects, in addition to those passed upon heretofore. Two high school projects, building fence and bleachers for the athletic field and widening paving received approval.


Paving of the following county roads were approved by the local board and certified to state authorities at Charleston:


Chloe-Nicut road up Walnut, a distance of six miles; Chloe-Beech road, up White Oak, a distance of four and a half miles; Grantsville-Pine Creek road by way of Starkey and Stevens places up Pine Creek to intersection of Philip’s Run road, a distance of one and a half miles; and all intersections on Rts. 5 and 16 to be paved with a stone base.


The seventh project was that of moving the Henry’s Fork steel bridge at Corder’s to Rocksdale where it will be rebuilt across the West Fork.



 1958, 50 years ago

Friday night will be the last chance for people to see one of the best Calhoun Red Devil squads in action, as they play host to Farmington High School in the season’s closing game.


The boys on the squad are bouncing back after the disappointment of having to forfeit two conference games, and thereby losing the conference championship. In practice sessions this week, they showed they were ready, come what may.


Forfeiture of the two games, with Doddridge and St. Marys, was due to the use of an overage player. When it became known to the local school officials they set about doing the only possible thing. Three school records--a Bible record, school records and a sworn statement by the boy’s mother--gave his age as 19 as of Sept. 19, but in a census check it was found that the boy was 20 on Sept. 19, and therefore ineligible.


As soon as Calhoun officials learned of the discrepancy, they withdrew the boy from the team. A search was made of birth records in the county clerk’s office and in the Bureau of Vital Statistics in an effort to find the correct age.


The two forfeited games go into the records as having been won by the opponents at 1-0.


Most who have watched the Red Devil squad are of the opinion that the games would have been won, regardless of whether the player was used.


Calhoun still has the top scorer in the conference, David Hathaway, and has a fine squad of championship quality.



 1983, 25 years ago

It was 60 years ago when the late Bill Deem purchased three Ford trucks and brought them to Grantsville.


At that time, there were few, if any, paved roads in Calhoun. The trucks were chain-driven, solid-rubber tires, and had big headlights fueled from a tank on the running board filled with Presto. You had to light the lights with a match.


We were hauling coal from Gilmer Station, coming down the River Road from Glenville, when darkness overtook us. The lights on my truck would not burn. To solve the problem we hung a lighted lantern on the truck, placed my truck in line between the other two and I drove into Grantsville that way. As I recall, these were among the first trucks in Calhoun County. There has been a lot of improvement in the auto indus-try in that time--and on roads.

                     --Bill Umstead

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