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This Week In History, 10-16-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

A short time before his death, the late Richard L. Hays, a former editor of the Chronicle, sent a certified copy of allowance made at the June term, 1860, by the Calhoun County court. The copy was found among the papers of the late Peregrine Hays of Arnoldsburg, one of the county’s founders.


Total expenditures amounted to $2,570.86½. The half cent came about by the court paying R.A. Benson 37½ cents for a docket book. Today, a docket book costs about the same number of dollars that it did cents.


There are less than 50 items in the statement. One of the largest is $1,500 to Robert Ervin for third payment on the courthouse that was being built at Arnoldsburg.


Clerks of the election were allowed 50¢ for their services. They included Jacob Starcher, Alfred Stump, Calvin C. Kepinger (or Kessinger), Alfred Starcher, Samuel Isenhart and B.F. Riddel. For listing voters, William P. Robinson received $11.85, and was paid $6 for building a chimney.


For registering births and deaths, George W. Silcott, county clerk, received $8.67. For his services as clerk, he was paid $100.


Conductors of election, D.W. Stalnaker, Alpheus Norman, G.W. Wright, Anthony Conrad and Charles J. Clelland, were paid $2.67 each.



  1958, 50 years ago

The hunting season has already begun in some states, even though the weather is uncomfortably hot in most of them, and the peak of the season is some time away.


Each year, a number of hunters are killed, or wounded, because of careless accidents. Loaded guns in hunting vehicles cause some. Hunters should not cross fences with loaded guns, and a gun (loaded or not) should never be pointed at another hunter. Care should be exercised to see that the barrel is free of foreign matter at all times, and that the gun is in reasonably good working order, oiled, etc.


Many accidents occur among veteran hunters who have become careless or cocksure because of the long experience they have under their belts.


One should always carefully identify his target before pulling the trigger. A number of hunters are shot down in the brush, mistakenly identified as deer.



 1983, 25 years ago


How can you eat, drink and be merry--and also contribute to a worthy cause?


American Cancer Society’s Calhoun Unit did it successfully last week when, in collaboration with Foodland, volunteers sold over 3,000 hotdogs served with a special homemade sauce, and also gave away 4,000 Cokes.


The occasion was a special week-long fund raising drive hatched up by members of the local Cancer Society, tied in with Foodland’s fifth anniversary in Grantsville.


Foodland donated the cokes, hotdogs and buns. Members of the Cancer unit erected a booth in the Foodland parking lot, encouraging Calhouners to buy two hotdogs for a $1, get a free beverage, and help the Cancer Society’s fund drive.


Crusade chairmen were Jeanie Shaffer and Donna Poling. Serving in the booth were Bev Morford, Vivian   Dye, Janet Davis, Louise Estep, Karen Law, Barbara Anderson, Margaret Cunningham, Irene Olivas, Gigi Sol, Kathy Baker, Elaine Miller, Connie McCartney, and Robyn Johnson.

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