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This Week In History, 9-4-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

The star families are so far apart that, on the average, light takes about two million years to pass from any one to its nearest neighbor. The most distant of them all is so far from us that even the greatest telescope in the world, the huge 100-inch instrument at Mount Wilson, shows it as but a faint speck of mist. We see it as it was 140,000,000 years ago.


That is as far as we have been able to penetrate into the remotest depths of space, but a still bigger telescope, with a 200-inch reflector, is now being built. Its range should be twice as great, and astronomers expect that the number of known star families may be increased by it to at least 10,000,000. Then, we must wait until the next, still bigger, telescope is built to discover more and yet more.


  1958, 50 years ago

Among the debts we owe, not including those which we must repay painfully in the prevailing currency, is a debt to our community or home town. There are those who never consider this debt, but it is a real debt, and some repayment is due.


The key to this debt lies in the first word, the “home.” It is a wonderful word in the English language, which is never fully defined or adequately translated in foreign tongues.


And when we say “home,” we are referring to a house, a husband and wife, who became a father and mother usually, with all the happiness, love, hope and faith that surrounds a home. The home is protected, sheltered and made efficient by modern day wonders.


Let us look a minute at our culture and civilization and see what we have received in our home town, at birth. There was a time when we had to roam the woods like beasts, without family or home, without a church to allay primitive superstition, without a government to keep order, without organized society to broaden our social contacts, and without profitable trade--which makes warfare unprofitable.


This is the debt we owe. It is the obligation of each of us to contribute what he can to the continuing progress of the human race, even if in a small way, so that we repay this large debt we owe in our own individual way.



 1983, 25 years ago


Due to vandalism and carelessness in the Arnoldsburg area, many customers have been without telephone service from time to time.


Most recently, telephone lines on the Adam-Altizer Road were torn down, placing 200 customers out-of-service for more than 11 hours. Company repairmen worked for several days replacing the cable, at a cost of to the company in excess of $4,000. According to a spokesman, the incident is under investigation by State Police.


Also, several contractors have dug into telephone company underground cables, again placing many families out-of-service for many days.

An even stranger act of vandalism involved the removing of 1,000 feet of working aerial cable from telephone poles. This left 60 families without service for 30 hours.

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