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This Week In History, 8-7-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago



Another barn raising or log structure is added to our number. A. J. and Joseph Bailey are the owners of the barn situated in the head of Pine Hollow of Fink. This is the second tallest log structure in Calhoun County.


It brings us back to olden times when our forefathers used to have such gatherings as barn raising, log rolling, etc. A.J. and Joseph Bailey were blessed with 27 men and a bunch of women and children. It surely did take some chuck to satisfy their hunger when the call for dinner was sent out.


Joe Heave failed to get to the raising in the morning, but stopped at the house with the cooks. After the feast at noon, he ventured on the hill and made plenty of noise for us all.


P.G. Deweese, Preston Helmick and Boyd Duncan were the chief cornermen and they sure knew how to make the notches fit. Joe Bailey and Bill Cottrell were the main mule drivers.


We are sure Mr. Bailey will be proud of his barn when it is under roof.




  1958, 50 years ago

Flash floods in several sections of the county were experienced last Friday, and brought about a big raise in the Little Kanawha River, doing considerable damage to lowlands last Friday and Saturday.


Many residents along small tributaries of the river were surprised Friday by flash floods, which quickly developed after the torrential downpour onto already rather wet ground. Many gardens were ruined, roads were damaged, and foot bridges were washed away. No damage to homes was reported.


 As water from the smaller streams flowed into the Little Kanawha on Friday evening and early Saturday, that stream rapidly overflowed its banks, and backwater closed area roads in several places on Saturday.


High water on the Hughes River in Wirt County accounted for eight of Grantsville’s Boy Scouts passing their 10-mile hike test. The Scouts were spending the week at Camp Kootoga and the flood washed away the bridge. To get across the river, they had to hike out the long way.



 1983, 25 years ago


Noonday chimes in Grantsville?


The town council and mayor agreed that midday music was just what the county seat needs to give some charm and individuality to the community.


In actual fact, the Methodist Church used to play its chimes every day around noon. A lot of people enjoyed the music, but as so often happens, there were complaints too, and eventually the chimes were silenced.


Councilman James A. Morford remembered the music with pleasure, as well as nostalgia, and when he broached the idea of asking the Baptist Church to revive the custom, his fellow council members agreed unanimously that it was a splendid suggestion.


Having anticipated such a favorable response, Morford whipped out a letter he had already typed out, addressed to Rev. Douglas Eades, and all present at the meeting signed it.


No one could remember the exact date when the noonday musicale ceased--most placed it in the late 1960’s.

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