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This Week In History, 8-14-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

Thursday night, the Upper West Fork country in Washington District was hit by a terrific rain storm or cloud burst that inflicted great damage to growing crops and washed out roads and culverts.


One wing of a box culvert on Rt. 16, near the residence of prosecuting attorney Bee Hopkins at Minnora, was washed out and a huge hole washed in the road.


At Chloe, near the mouth of Walnut, it is said that water invaded the store and nearby houses, causing much damage. The residence of Samuel Witte, near Minnora, was flooded by a small stream that runs behind his house.


The flood and its resulting damage is said to be the worst in the history of the district.



  1958, 50 years ago

An unusual drowning accident in East Liverpool, Ohio, took the life of a Calhoun County man last Sunday.


Cline Cogar, 21, of Grantsville, was swept away from the grasp of the officiating minister while being baptized in the water of Beaver Creek.


Cogar, who was described as a husky 200-lb. man, was one of about 40 persons said to be baptized that day in the Lord Jesus Christ Church by Rev. Gallard McCartney of Akron. Cogar was the minister’s nephew.


Columbiana County chief deputy sheriff James Miller, who investigated the drowning, reported that McCartney said he had just immersed young Cogar in the water when the youth was swept downstream by the rain-swollen current. While the minister and other church members looked on, Cogar disappeared beneath the surface. The minister was so stunned, he was taken to an East Liverpool hospital for shock.


The drowning was ruled as an accident because Cogar could not swim.



 1983, 25 years ago


According to West Virginia secretary of state A. James Manchin, Calhoun County is in violation of the state’s election laws.


In certified letters addressed to commissioners David Barr, Lloyd Vaughn and Glenn Hamlin, as well as county clerk Richard Stalnaker, the officials were told they were not complying with the codes that require all magisterial districts to be drawn according to population, not registration.


Manchin charged that “the Center Magisterial District . . . contains a population of 2,233 persons. The Sherman District   . . . contains a population of 1,027. These two examples alone represent magisterial districts of the county which are grossly and unconstitutionally disproportionate in population, with a population deviation of 117.4%. The populations of Sherman, Washington and Lee magisterial districts are nearly as disproportionate. The census bureau records indicate that there has been no re-apportionment of magisterial districts in Calhoun County for many years.”


According to Manchin, the redistricting must be accomplished no later than Dec. 31.


Since Manchin’s order did not give population statistics for all of the districts, Stalnaker wrote to Manchin to request more specific information.

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