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This Week In History, 7-10-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

Although state and county police are still working on clues left by the robbers, no arrests have been made in the safe cracking case in which Bridge Filling Station was robbed of $250 in cash and nearly $500 in checks on July 5. Lyle S. Ayers, manager of the station, has been able to stop payment on many of the checks, reducing his loss considerably.


The safe is thought to have been blown about 3 a.m. The loud report was heard by several residents of Main St., who decided it was a hangover of the Fourth of July celebration. Nitroglycerine was used in blowing the safe. The heavy door was blown from its hinges and the handle and combination were found buried in the opposite wall. A quantity of nitro-glycerine was found in a can on a desk near the safe. Entrance to the building was effected through a side window.


This was Grantsville’s first experience with safe-wreckers, and as a result, businessmen are more careful about leaving money and valuables on their premises.


At a meeting of the town council, Dudley Lutz was designated as night police to patrol the streets from 10 p.m. until daylight. He will be given authority to see that all loafers and stragglers are off the street and all loafing places are closed by midnight.




  1958, 50 years ago

July is the month of vacation -- the mid-summer month! The nights are warm and often clear, and hiking, camping, swimming and fishing beckon to everyone.


You are probably too busy, or you haven’t caught up on chores, or you haven’t got the money, or something. Our advice is to forget your problems, take to the hills or woods, and refresh your mind and your body -- and your soul.


Nature is wonderful therapy. July is a wonderful month. Maybe other years will bring even more problems. For example, today, we are not at war. Gasoline is not rationed. You are free to drive where you wish and enjoy variable and new and interesting scenery.


Slaughter on our highways continues, however, and while seeking to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather, some 2,000 Americans lose their lives each summer. Another 10 to 20,000 are injured, crippled, scarred or seriously hurt. See that you are not one of these, but enjoy the summer of 1958, and the freedom that is ours, and the luxury nature offers us all.




 1983, 25 years ago


Sunshine Corner, the official gift shop of Calhoun General Hospital, was opened to the public on July 8, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Grantsville mayor Joe Virden.


A feature of the shop will be hand-crafted items ranging from woodwork to crochet. Once a month, work of an individual craftsman will be featured.


Items placed on sale were by Geraldine McNeil, dolls; Kate Holliday, mats and bibs; Connie Wagoner, dolls; Jo Price, woodwork; Mary Nichols, afghans; Peggy Virden, bibs; Linda Edwards, cloth items; Bessie Arthur, crocheting; Mike and Carol Klamert, wooden toys; Margaret Cunningham, pillows; Fae Cox, pillows and puppets; Mike Williams, wooden cradle; Eileen Sullivan, bibs; Fred Wolford, wooden items, and Hope Rampp, hand-made towels.

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