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This Week In History, 6-12-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

Chief deputy game warden Brown Wilson points out that a number of changes in state fish and game laws will become effective June 11, including a variation in the license fees which lowers the statewide permit for women to $1. The fee for men will remain the same as previously, $3 a year.


The district license entitling the holder to hunt and fish in Calhoun and adjoining counties will continue to sell for $1. Any resident of the state at the age of 60 or over shall be permitted to fish with hook and line in any of the waters in the state without procuring or paying for a license. This is a new provision.



  1958, 50 years ago

Effective July 1, there will be an extra charge of five cents on all deficient and short paid mail, according to Grantsville postmaster W.O. Umstead. He said that should a letter be mailed with only a three cent stamp affixed, to which there should be six cents, the post office will rate the deficient postage and add an extra five cent charge. He advised all persons to be sure and place the proper amount of postage on all mail to avoid the extra charge.





 1983, 25 years ago

The Calhoun Chronicle is 100 years old.

Putting the Chronicle together each week is somewhat like assembling a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. The main pieces of the puzzle consist of words. Based on the present type used, it would take a minimum of 35,000 words to fill an eight-page issue if there were no photographs or advertisements.


No one person could possibly write that many words every week. In its 100 years, the Chronicle has depended on neighborhood reporters to send in their reports on the doings in their parts of the county. Individuals deliver to the newspaper office news items, personals, weddings, births, deaths, club news, engagements, etc.


Organizations and businesses and state and federal agencies send news releases to the newspaper every day of the week.


Advertisements are received each week from businesses in and outside the county. There are classified ads to assemble and legal advertisements that must be published.


Words dominate the entire process of assembling the paper and getting it put together on layout sheets for the printer.


As much as possible, news stories and advertisements are set up as they are submitted. Tuesday mornings are reserved for typesetting last minute stories, making up advertisements, galloping against the clock to get everything ready for the page makeup process which starts around noon and often goes well into the night. The number of pages varies depending on how many advertisements are scheduled.


There would not be a paper at all if it weren’t for the subscribers and the advertisers and the many people who contribute material each week.

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