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This Week In History, 5-29-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

Is football dangerous? That is the question that confronts parents who have boys of high school age, according to coach Miles Kochenderfer. Since football is a comparatively new game in Calhoun County, few statistics regarding the number of injuries are available. Under the present coach, there have been no broken bones, dislocations or injuries of a like nature.


“That football has an element of danger in it no clear thinking person will deny. No game that calls for as much physical contact as football does can be played without the risk of physical injury. On the other hand, there are ways and means of reducing injuries so as to render them negligible. Proper coaching, playing teams in the same class, and players themselves keeping in good physical condition, are some of the ways of reducing injuries,” said Miles.


He added: “Thousands are killed every year in automobiles, thousands are drowned and all kinds of possible accidents surround us. Isn’t your boy as safe out for football for two hours a day under competent instruction and far better off than he would be on his own, perhaps associating with unfit companions and engaged in activities that no parent could sponsor?”



  1958, 50 years ago

Dried may apple roots are selling for 20 cents a pound, and if your work is scarce, Little Kanawha Regional Council urges you to take advantage of this opportunity to make some ready cash.


Roots can be sold to Parkersburg Farmer’s Market or the market at Lamberton in Ritchie County. They will accept any amount of roots, if they are clean, dry, and in bags. Roots that are not clean and dry will be sent back to be rewashed and dried, so harvesters are cautioned to do the job thoroughly before taking roots to market.


The price is down this year, but so is employment, and the LKRC feels that this is a real opportunity for people who are not working full time to take advantage of this 20 cent profit on each pound of roots.




  1983, 25 years ago

  June 24 are the dates for the 22nd annual Calhoun Wood Festival, and, after months of planning, arrangements are being pinned down. Those working on the plans feel this may be the best festival ever.


One of the main events is the Saturday afternoon parade. Tom Justice, a former chairman, has been chosen as this year’s parade marshal. Steve Wilmoth and Larry McCallister are parade co-chairmen. Shirley Echard and David Wilson are festival co-chairmen.

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