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This Week In History, 5-22-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

Cats may get the glory, but the red fox is the mouser par excellence. His capacity for field mice and other noxious rodents apparently knows no limits, according to Prof. W.J. Hamilton, Jr., of Cornell University, who has studied the contents of the stomachs of nearly 1,000 fur-bearing animals to learn their feeding habits. It is not unusual, he says, to find as many as five mice in a fox’s stomach.


The fox is fond of fruits, and eats many berries during the summer months. As winter approaches, his diet is restricted largely to mice and rabbits, both of which are serious farm pests. Woodchucks become prey for foxes when they emerge from their winter’s sleep. Foxes play havoc with the young woodchucks, and the baby foxes grow fast on such a diet.

Hamilton said protective measures will be necessary if the red fox is to survive for future generations. It would seem only fair to protect the fox when the mother is with the young. The fox is one of the finest game animals and furnishes many citizens sport and profit yearly. He more than atones for the few birds he kills by his year-round destruction of mice and other rodents.


  1958, 50 years ago

The use of or experimenting with rockets, rocket fuels, and the launching of rockets was classified as a type of fireworks, and are to be subject to the rules and regulations regarding fireworks, according to State fire marshal Carl E. Weimer.


Qualified adults may apply for a special permit from the fire marshal’s office when such experiments are to be conducted in the state, when it will be necessary to show that proper safety precautions are taken.


Weimer said that all minors, except those under the direct supervision of an adult having a permit from his office, who are found experimenting with, launching or attempting to launch rockets propelled by any type of combustible fuel, shall be considered in violation of the state law and shall be subject to the penalties.




  1983, 25 years ago


A group of Calhoun’s best math students went to Spencer High School last Saturday to participate in the Region V Math Field Day.


While none of Calhoun’s students won regional honors, two students from Arnoldsburg were awarded trophies for the highest number of points made in the Calhoun delegation. In grades 4th to 6th, Laura Laughlin was top scorer, and in grades 7th to 9th, Faith Kelleher accumulated the most points.

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