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This Week In History, 5-15-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago

An oil well drilled in on the A.J. Huffman farm on Mt. Nebo ridge, near the head of Phillips Run, is attracting much attention in the oil and gas fraternity. It was drilled by Creed Barker and K.M. Hunt, together with a number of associates from this place and Spencer.


A flow of what is conservatively estimated at from 75 to 100 barrels daily was found in the Lime, or top of the Injun sand. Only the top of the sand was touched and the well shut down to await the completion of an oil line by Eureka Pipeline Co. It is expected that the line will be finished next week when drilling will be resumed.




  1958, 50 years ago

A change for the better has been noticed in the looks of Grantsville since the elimination of all double parking. Out of chaos has come some order, and surprisingly, very few parking tickets.


Since the start of strict enforcement of the “no double parking” rule, the streets have a more orderly, spacious look, and there appears to be more places for shoppers to park. Opening of a free town parking lot has also helped the situation. Most of the comment by residents and visitors has been highly favorable to the plan.


There has been no official discussion by the mayor and town council about parking meters, but among the people, there has been some discussion about their use, pro and con.





  1983, 25 years ago


The newly formed health care center board officially named itself after the late Minnie Hamilton, revered locally for her many years of dedication as county health nurse.


When it came time to choose a location for the proposed building, what could be more appropriate than to put it on the very land where Minnie Hamilton once lived?


The criteria for a site was very specific. It had to be centrally located so as to be readily accessible to its future clients, above the flood plain, on land that did not present any serious construction problems, and a place that would be easily found (near a main highway was preferred).


Minnie Hamilton Health Care Board considered several possibilities, including one at Arnoldsburg and one adjacent to the hospital, on the grounds of the old Witt House. It finally concluded that the Hamilton land, which lies on the west side of Rt. 16, almost directly opposite the hospital driveway entrance, was the best location. That was their recommendation to the county commission.


On May 12, commissioners conducted an on-site inspection, accompanied by Bob Parkins, project officer of the proposed health care center. Two specific locations were looked at on the Hamilton land, and an acre-and-one-half was paced off, sufficient to provide space needed for a 3,000 square foot building and a parking lot for 40 cars.


A tract at the northern edge of the property met most of the requirements, but commissioners felt its access would be too close to a blind curve. The first site, behind the now vacant Hamilton house, looked more promising.


When commissioners convened their meeting after lunch, they passed a motion making it official that Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center would be built on the Hamilton land.

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