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This Week In History, 4-17-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1933, 75 years ago


Caught in a sudden storm, with lightning breaking on all sides, the U.S. navy dirigible Akron crashed into the Atlantic, killing 73 officers and members of the crew. Three of the personnel were rescued.


Flying to the scene, off the coast of New Jersey, the U.S. Navy non-rigid dirigible J-3 also fell into the ocean. Five of the crew of seven were rescued, but the commander, who was found in the sea, died later.


Chairman Vinton of the house naval committee said, “There won’t be any more big airships built--we have built three and lost two.”


Secretary of the Navy Swanson said, “It is still too early to outline the Navy’s future policy on aircraft.”




  1958, 50 years ago

“Do the people of Grantsville know the condition of their fire department?” That’s the question asked by mayor Willard Furr. He said the situation is summed up in one word-- “Critical!”


Furr has been informed by state officials that the insurance rates in the town will be more than doubled unless something is done immediately to bring the local fire department up to certain standards. For example, he said that a person now paying a rate of $20 per thou-sand dollars of fire insurance will soon be paying nearly $50 for the same coverage.


Greatest need of all is for men. There are only four or five active members. These few men, reports the mayor, would be unable to handle all the equipment needed to control a major fire, should one break out in the area.


Furr said that he was interested in getting young men interested in the fire department, and invited all over 18 to attend a meeting on Friday night, as well as residents of the town, to help with a complete reorganization of the department





  1983, 25 years ago


Donna Cain came into the Chronicle office a few days ago and presented us with a copy of a proclamation announcing that next week is National Consumers Week. She said that she was on an official visit as chair-person of the Family Resource Management committee of the Calhoun Extension Home-makers and of the Parkersburg area as well.


 She emphasized that consumers are the hub of the economy. Without consumers, there would be no demand, no industry, and no jobs. On the family level, it is important to seriously plan shopping trips, instead of indulging in budget-wrecking impulse buying.


The Shopper’s Creed reads:

Plan your shopping list, stay within your budget, get the most nutrition for your dollar, buy food in season, be flexible, and choose wisely when it comes to prepared and convenience food.

This Week's Editorial:

By Helen Morris:

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