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This Week In History, 4-10-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1932, 75 years ago


Gone are the days of the old fashioned parlor with its stiff and uncomfortable furniture placed just so about the edges of the room; its stacks of pictures and photographs on the table at the center; its mantle decorated with souvenirs, paper flowers, and various other ornate articles; and its drawn shades to keep the sun from fading the carpet--but its going is not regretted by hundreds of West Virginia farm women who have learned how to make better use of this part of the house.


Women realize that rooms were built to be used and not kept shut up except for weddings, funerals, or various “special company,” and so these tightly closed un-homelike parts of the house are being transformed into useful and livable rooms.


During the past year, about 500 Farm Women’s Club members in West Virginia improved their parlors by making them over into real living rooms. More than a thousand pieces of old furniture were refinished. Articles that were not useful or beautiful were removed from the mantle and table making the job of dusting much easier and giving the room an orderly, restful, appearance.


These changes were made as a result of suggestions gained at their club meetings through the study of a special lesson, “Keeping Up the House,” copies of which may be obtained from the Agricultural Extension Division, WVU, Morgantown.




  1957, 50 years ago

About this time of the year, it is well to urge all readers of the Chronicle to consider the possible pleasure to be obtained from flowers, fruits and vegetables. It is also worth noting that, sometimes, such activity can develop a monetary profit.


We’re not much concerned, in this article, with the economic gains of gardening. There are other values that come to the individual who seeks to develop something of beauty and perfection in accordance with the laws of nature.


There are countless homes in Calhoun on lots that need the charm that can come only from well appointed surroundings. It may take some years to develop an attractive lawn or garden, but the task will bring satisfaction. It will also add to the natural beauty of your community.




  1982, 25 years ago


Despite the tightest budget in years and continuing worries about whether the federal government will continue to fund Revenue Sharing, the county commission reversed itself and made a partial restoration to the heavily slashed budget of Calhoun Library.


Commissioners voted to restore $2,500 to the library budget, bringing the total allocated to $15,388, $7,500 less than was originally hoped for.


The commission expressed interest in taking over responsibility for upkeep and maintenance of Coopers Park after being notified that the Dept. of Highways will no longer take responsibility for roadside picnic spots.

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