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This Week In History, 3-6-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1932, 75 years ago


Cold waves will be accurately forecast more than a month in advance in the not too distant future, according to Dr. Oliver Justin Lee, head of Dearborn Astronomical Observatory.


He said it would undoubtedly be accomplished by science within our lifetime as a result of a world-wide study of solar radiation being made under the direction of leading scientific minds.


It will mean the saving of untold millions of dollars from crop losses in the world, and a tremendous advance to aviation.


“Since solar radiation is the basis of all life, science has been concentrating on it to give us the answers to many problems that now confront us,” said Lee. “Specific instruments have been devised especially for this study of the changing intensity of the sun’s radiation, and recordings are taken each day all over the world where the sun shines.”


The sun is now going into the minimum stage of its 11-year sun spot cycle, Lee explained, and it leads us to the belief, sometimes, that intense cold weather is due in such a period. This does not hold true, he said, despite the fact that at times solar heat varies from 2 to 3% at the minimum sun spot stage.




  1957, 50 years ago

The first entry has been received in the “Cute Pig Picture” contest being held in connection with the Little Kanawha Regional Ham and Bacon show and sale, Mar. 20-21. The early exhibitor is Mrs. Smith Kelly of Looneyville.


The region-wide photo contest is being sponsored by Little Kanawha Regional Council and Ohio Kanawha Camera Club of Parkersburg. Pictures entered are to be exhibited with the contestant’s name in the ballroom of the Chancellor Hotel. Visitors may view the contest pictures, as well as the hams and bacons, until 2 p.m. on Mar. 21, followed by the auctioning of hams and bacons.


The pig pictures must be a glossy or matte finished black and white photograph no larger than 8x10 inches. They may be of pigs alone or may include other animals or people. No age limit is set. Along with ribbons, the council will award $5 to first place.




  1982, 25 years ago


State auditor Glen B. Gainer, Jr., has announced that his office has mailed the apportionment of values of public property located in each county to county clerks, respective municipalities, and boards of education.


The total assessment was $2,703,897,400, an increase of $74,004,700 from 1982 assessments. Calhoun received an apportionment of $15,539,900.


Upon receipt of these values, the county clerks are required to certify the apportionment of values to the county boards of education and the respective municipalities.


These values, along with the assessment by county assessors, will be used by the county courts, boards of education and municipal governments in determining the levy rates for the coming fiscal year. After those rates are set, the state auditor’s office will compute statements and bill each utility on or about July 15, and, upon receiving the funds, distribute them to the respective governments.

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