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This Week In History, 3-13-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1932, 75 years ago


Cody Morrison, an employee at the West Penn plant in South Grantsville, received painful injuries about the head and body on Tuesday. He was on top of one of the engines tightening a bolt when the wrench slipped from his grasp, throwing him from the engine. He fell on some of the fixtures on the floor, receiving a cut on the head and body bruises.


Dr. J.A. Morford dressed his wounds and said it would be a good while before Morrison would be able to return to work.



  1957, 50 years ago

The grand opening of Law Hardware was termed a success, according to owner Rymer Law, who said he was pleased with the large turnout last Friday and Saturday. He gave away 10 prizes valued at a total of $46.20.


Bill Plant of Millstone and Glen Myers of Grantsville each received a 50-foot self winding steel tape, Bob Morgan won a True Temper rocket hammer, Les Westfall received a glass fishing rod, and Shirley Hosey won a putty knife set.


Eula Sinnett received a kitchen stool, Beulah Wright won a home garden saw set, Jo Ann Kelly won a Pyrex refrigerator set, Evelyn Radabaugh won a fiber door mat, and Nina Pearcy won a rubber door mat.




  1982, 25 years ago


According to a statistical summary of the 1980 census, Calhoun County has the highest percentage (25.3%) of persons living below the poverty level of West Virginia’s 55 counties. Calhoun’s total is 2,076.


The poverty level, as defined by the study, is calculated on the maximum annual income received by a family of four. In 1979, that total was $7,412. By 1981, because of inflation, the same family of four needed to earn more than $9,287 in order to exceed the poverty level.


Calhoun has 4,115 males and 4,135 females. The census indicates that 12 black people reside in the county. There are 1,256 residents over the age of 65, and the median age is 31.2.


The county has 2,327 families and separate households. The percentage of residents living in housing units lacking complete plumbing facilities, such as hot and cold running water, indoor toilets and tubs or showers, is 20.1%, exceeded only by Webster County’s 23.7%.


The median value of housing units in Calhoun is listed at $27,800, with 13.1% of the housing consisting of year-round mobile homes.


As far as education goes, 42.9% of all persons over the age of 25 are high school graduates. The number of illiterates, defined by the study as people reading below the fifth grade level, is 825, exactly 10% of Calhoun’s population.


As for unemployment, up-to-date totals were not furnished, but percentages were given for October, 1982, at which time 12.8% of the available civilian labor force was out of work. The per capita income for 1980 was listed as $5,486 and the Dept. of Welfare listed a case load of 138 persons in 1981.

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