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This Week In History, 1-24-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1932, 75 years ago


Robin red breast has been elected the state bird of West Virginia. The vote, announced by E.A. Hunt, assistant state supervisor of rural schools, was taken among school pupils of the state who are engaged in West Virginia club work.


The votes were cast for 17 species of birds, but the robin won by a large margin, receiving about twice as many as its nearest competitor, the redbird, or cardinal.


Other birds receiving votes were the bluebird, crow, wild canary, oriole, dove, nightingale, martin, English sparrow, bob white, wren, woodpecker, mocking bird, blue jay, pheasant and partridge. 




  1957, 50 years ago

A new policy on attendance has been started at Calhoun High and, after one week, has already brought about an improvement in attendance.


The policy, formulated in several faculty meetings, is designed to affect those students who are lax in attendance. For those students who are absent, and are not excused for some valid reason, such as illness, grades will be cut. Three unexcused absences fails a student in courses for the semester.


After three absences each semester in any class, there will be a grade cut of two percent for each excused (legal absence) and a grade cut of six percent for each unexcused absence, unless a waiver of such grade cut may be conditioned by the student having secured a doctor’s statement that such illness was of a serious nature.


Principal Roy J. Stump said, “Since the start of the policy last week, there has been a definite improvement in attendance of fifty percent or better among students who are inclined to absenteeism. Illness of students last week did affect the attendance record, but the overall picture showed a beneficial result.”





  1982, 25 years ago


A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Jan. 21 to celebrate the opening of newly-built offices of Farmers Home Administration. The new building, the size of a small home, is located above the Consolidated Gas office. State director John Musgrave was present, along with Jim McMillon, district director.


The office serves Calhoun and Gilmer counties. Individuals can apply for home, farm or personal loans. The district office in Parkersburg handles all group business, water and sewer, and rental housing loans. Mt. Zion PSD has its loan with the district office for water.


At this time, 621 individual FmHA loans are active in Calhoun and Gilmer, with $181,000 given out in the first quarter alone.


The Grantsville office has the third largest farm program in West Virginia. Lewisburg is the largest and Martinsburg is second.

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