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This Week In History, 1-10-08


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1932, 75 years ago


Local businessmen are cooperating with county health nurse Charlotte Kuntze in drawing attention to the county’s health program.

Some time ago, stacks of empty bottles were placed in a neat exhibit in the front window of the Bank of Grantsville building. The bottles are empties that once contained typhoid and diphtheria vaccine used in immunizing children of the county against these diseases.


In an effort to stimulate interest in and attract attention to the campaign to have all children immunized, prizes are being offered by local business interests to the parent who correctly guesses the number of bottles in each pile.


Prizes have been donated by Wiant & Barr Store, Jarvis Store, P.P. Gunn, Pearl Kelly, Hill Barber Shop, Jackson’s Market, and Thompson Drug Store.


The count and other details of the guessing contest will be under supervision of the local parent-teachers association. 



  1957, 50 years ago

Airman 2nd class Andy E. Parsons of the U.S. Air Force, stationed on the island of Guam, is one of the many readers of the Chronicle. In a letter sent along with his subscription renewal, he write: “I like getting your paper very much, since that is about the only source of news that I have from my hometown. It sure is nice to get a paper from home, since there isn’t much to do here on Guam but read.”


Parsons is one of the many servicemen around the world who keep in touch with their home country through the Chronicle, which is sometimes several weeks old by the time it reaches its destination, but from the comments received is deeply appreciated.



  1982, 25 years ago


Achievement scores for West Virginia’s 9th and 11th grades show that the more than 56,000 students tested did better than might be expected.


West Virginia students scored at or above the national average in five out of the six subject areas at 9th grade level and in two of the six at 11th grade level. In the other five areas, scores were below, but close to, the national average.


State superintendent of schools Daniel B. Taylor, commenting on the achievement scores, said, “I am particularly pleased with the 9th grade scores and with the reading, science and social studies scores at both grade levels. Reading scores are up, and this is particularly rewarding since the state board made reading its number one priority.”


County by county scores have not yet been tabulated, but will be released in two weeks.

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