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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:

 1932, 75 years ago

Since the beginning of the present extraordinary session of the legislature, each department of the state government has been carefully scrutinized, the salaries of elected officials noted, and the monthly stipend of that innumerable host of employees brought out in the open.


To those of us who have had the Annual Report of the State Auditor on our desk, the figures presented nothing new, but to the great body of citizens, it has been a revelation, and to many of them, it holds the secret of why they have lost their homes.


The report shows that 40 persons are on the state payroll in one of the minor divisions, the State Tax Commissioner’s office, with salaries ranging from $125 to $500 a month, or $6,000 a year--that is $126,458 a year or $415.85 for each working day.


  1957, 50 years ago

Vice president C.H. Hardesty, Ray W. Garvin, superintendent of public relations, and other officers of the Monongahela West Penn System were here for a few hours inspecting the local plant in Grantsville.

They spoke very highly of its appearance and were well pleased with the way in which local employees of the company are taking care of things. The plant is in the charge of Herbert S. Plant, assisted by Harry V. Williams and Coda Morrison.                 


  1982, 25 years ago


Sgt. Steve M. Valentine is a career Air Force man, now stationed at a base in Spain. He and his wife Carol and two sons recently arrived there. Having left their new address with the Chronicle well in advance, they expected to have several issues to read when they arrived at their new home.


Not so.


Steve took this up with the postmaster at the Air Force Base. “I thought that paper went to another Sgt. S.M. Valentine here,” was the postmaster’s reply.


To find that there was another airman at this new base, with the same name and even the same rank, was a surprise to Steve, so he looked up the other Valentine--and further wanted to know what he had done with those issues of the Chronicle.


The other Valentine, from another state, said he had gotten the Chronicle, thought that someone was sending it to him, and he had read and enjoyed them, but had them no longer.


Needless to say, the right Steve Valentine has received the Chronicle each week, and reports that the family is enjoying it in Spain.

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