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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:

 1932, 75 years ago


The Clarksburg Exponent commented on the Calhoun High School band and its director, Henry C. Palmer, as follows:


“Henry Palmer, who used to wield a mean violin up on the Hilltop way back when this department was doing its high schooling, came back in a blaze of something or other yesterday. Prof. Palmer, now music director at Calhoun County High School at Grantsville, made the outstanding hit of the day when he brought a splendid band, nicely uniformed, to the Salem-Grantsville football game.


“A couple of hundred fans accompanied the team and band from the little Calhoun county seat, which is not a bad showing at all.”


The  band  again  on  Sunday  reflected  glory on Calhoun Calhoun County when it  appeared in the big American Legion parade in Clarksburg welcoming home Louis A. Johnson, newly elected national commander. The local band marched with 35 other bands and drum corps, and spectators reported our boys and girls held their own.



  1957, 50 years ago

The Grantsville bridge was inspected by engineers of the State Road Commission to determine its condition.


Commission personnel included Manley Howard of Parkersburg, district engineer; Paul McDowell of Charleston, bridge engineer; Mr. Brooks of Parkersburg, inspector; and Fenton Stalnaker of Orma, county supervisor.     


Local people who met with the group included Troea Morrison, John Cook, Willard Furr, F.F. McCoy, Corel Poling and Peter Zannoni. Morrison pointed out that on the average day 22 bus runs are made across the Grantsville bridge.


 Transportation problems involving Rubber Fabricators, Inc., were brought out by Zannoni who said that trucks hauling products to and from the local plant had to be tailored to the low weight limit on the bridge.


In some instances, heavy equipment must be routed around by Glenville to avoid the local bridge. The local oil and gas industry has also long experienced this problem.


Last week, mayor Willard Furr, Morrison, Corel Poling and Dennis Sturm were in Charleston to consult with Road Commission officials about the bridge.



  1982, 25 years ago


Mid-Ohio Valley board of health decided at its Sept. 18 meeting to move its Calhoun County service center out of the basement of the courthouse.


The move is necessitated by the addition of new public health programs and the extension of office hours from three to five days a week.


Since July, medical examinations of children in low income families have been conducted by a physician and a nurse.


Health and general examinations, nutrition education, and supplemental food coupons are also available to mothers and children from qualified families, as is a program for supplemental food for pregnant women.


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