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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:

 1932, 75 years ago

President John W. Yoak of the high school board of direction was a business visitor in Grantsville on Wednesday. He informed the Chronicle that salaries of teachers, janitors and bus drivers were cut to the quick in order to maintain the high school for a full year. Teachers’ salaries were fixed at figures ranging from $110 to $200 for the principal.

Bus drivers’ salaries were fixed at $35, a low figure to pay men charged with the responsibility of transporting hundreds of children to and from school. No doubt it was necessary under the present circumstances.

A new bus was purchased and will run to the Calhoun-Clay line through Washington district on Rt. 16. The Murphy district, Ritchie County, board of education has contracted with the high school board for the tuition of 22 pupils in the Smithville neighborhood at $90 per year, and it is likely that several more from Smithville will be arranged for before school starts. This will more than pay the expenses of the north-bound bus.

Janitors are to receive $60 per month as S.J. Wayne will officiate for nine months of the year and George Kirby the other three months.


1957, 50 years ago

“Whoever you are and what-ever you do,” said Elizabeth Mollohan, librarian at Calhoun County Library, “all roads lead to your library. Whenever you need to know something about anything, you have only to take the nearest road to find the library at your service.”

Those who are not regular users of the library are invited to take the nearest road to look at what is there. There is some-thing for everybody--picture books for toddlers, exciting stories and fact books for children, and guides for teenagers finding new interests.

For adults, there are business and technical materials, as well as works on homemaking and maintenance. There are also cultural and recreational books for all ages, and suggestions for older people who wish to make the most of retirement years.


1982, 25 years ago

W.E. (Emory) Smith of Grantsville has been a golf enthusiast for many years, and he and his sidekick, Von Yoak, have played just about all the courses in West Virginia, plus many others around the country.

Thursday, July 15, 5:45 p.m., was an especially important day for Smith, as that was when he made a hole-in-one while playing on the golf course at Twin Falls State Park, near Pineville. Witnesses were his son, Carl E. Smith, and his grandson, Curtis Edward Smith, of Florida, who were at a family vacation party at the park.

The hole-in-one was on the second hole, which is 165 yards long. Smith said it was 99% percent luck and only 1% skill.

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