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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:

1932, 75 years ago

The U.S. Civil Service Commission has announced that an examination to fill a vacancy in the position of postmaster at Grantsville will be held at Spencer. The date for holding the examination has not been fixed but applications will be received until August 7.

The salary paid for the Grantsville office is $2,000.

The vacancy in the Grantsville office has existed for several weeks. Congressman Geo. W. Johnson, upon whose recommendation the appointment will be made, is having trouble in making up his mind as to the fitness and records for party service of the many applicants for the position. W. O. Umstead, Jr., has the backing of a number of members of the county executive committee as well as a string of letters from party leaders in various sections of the county. Everett Proudfoot, of the Wiant and Barr Store, is the personal choice of County Chairman L. J. Morris. Others who are said to be candidates for the position are C. A. Witt, Mrs. Alice Marshall Mrs. Dorothy Morrison Fluharty, and R. L. Hamilton. What pressure the last named applicants can bring to bear on Congressman Johnson remains to be seen.

Information and forms of application for taking the civil service examination may be obtained at the local post office.


1957, 50 years ago

Over 50 children have now enrolled at the Grantsville Civic club playground. This week has been designated as “Wheels Week”. During the week, each child will decorate something on wheels, and at 6:30 p.m. Friday, on the playground, there will be a parade to present each child’s creation. All parents and friends are invited to attend this parade.

Beginning next week, a “Playground Personality” will be chosen. This will be some child who has been outstanding in any way on the playground. A child will be picked every week for the remainder of the summer.

A variety of activities is available to every child who attends the playground. Parents who have not enrolled their children may still do so.


1982, 25 years ago

With a nice healthy sum in several banks, the proposal for a recreation facility is back on course, and the Calhoun Parks and Recreation Committee is ready to start negotiations of some property. All of the money is private money, many donations from individuals and businesses who want to see some new recreation facilities in Calhoun County.

At a meeting of the Parks and Recreation Committee held Wednesday, July 14, the president and secretary were authorized to negotiate with the Propst family for possible purchase of their property at the end of the North View Road in Grantsville, as well as discussion with Monongahela Power Co. for a possible exchange for a small amount of the Propst land which they acquired several years ago for a sub-station. The power company is to be offered an exchange of lots as one way to give a better location for their line which runs through the Propst property as well as for recreation purposes.

With the moving of the proposed industrial site project from the Smith property adjacent to the Propst property to a site next to the Bethlehem cemetery, members of the Parks and Recreation Committee thought that this might be the time to go ahead with a recreation project.

The Propst property was at one time used as a golf course and the proposed project would renovate and reuse acreage for golf.

The site as presently being considered would provide space for several tennis courts, a swimming pool, a recreation building, playground areas, hiking trails, as well as the golf course.

President Von Yoak and Secretary Treasurer Larry McCallister were authorized to proceed with negotiations for the property. Appraisals were done on some of the Propst property when the Smith property was being considered as an industrial site, and these values were such that the committee members thought the project could be started with the present money available.

The Calhoun Parks and Recreation Committee has received $50,072.05 in donations. This money has been put on deposit in certificates of deposit, at maximum rates, and has earned $28,239.88 interest, giving the committee a healthy sum to start on the project. With the prospects looking improved at this time, Yoak said that he expected more donations to start coming in, and several persons have indicated interest in providing additional private money.

The Propst property has been bisected by a high voltage power line, making it unusable for permanent structures under the 100-ft. right-of-way, but suitable for recreation purposes. Any permanent building, pool, tennis courts, or playground areas would not be under the power lines, according to plans.

Persons attending the Calhoun Parks and Recreation committee meeting, in addition to Yoak and McCallister, were Tom Carper, Larry Morton, Mary Ann Barrows, Mark Lovett and Ronzel Bailey.

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