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This Week In History, 12-13-07


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


 1932, 75 years ago


The army has just moved to benefit both the soldier’s palate and the farmer’s pocketbook by decreeing for its troops the kind of bacon that curls and crisps in stead of the familiar slabs of salt pork.


Regulations provide that the ration for each soldier must include six ounces of bacon. For years, a part of the daily fare has been dry salt pork, generally cooked with its equally well-known comrade-at-arms, beans.


Revision of the regulations permits substitution of sugar-cured bacon, and the quartermaster corps is laying in a large supply. Troops stationed abroad will continue to get salt pork, as it is particularly adapted for shipment into warm climates.




  1957, 50 years ago

Grantsville Lions Club has completed negotiations for the purchase of the Log Cabin Park, and expects to develop it into a recreational facility for the area.


The park, consisting of a tract of over 16 acres, was used for several years as a favorite picnic site for many groups, although it has not been open for the past few years. It is located on the Mt. Zion ridge, between Mt. Zion and Millstone. It also had picnic facilities and a ball field.


Members of the Lions are making plans for improvements to be accomplished, including the building of new picnic facilities, a ball field, and other recreation needs.


A committee is working out details concerning the improvements, and to determine rules and regulations to be followed by those who will use the park. These rules and regulations will be announced later.



  1982, 25 years ago


One of Calhoun County Library’s most popular features for youngsters is Dial-A-Story, reports Guin Elliott, librarian.


During the four-day Thanksgiving holiday, 284 calls were made to Dial-A-Story. During November, 1,087 stories were read over the telephone.


The November total is down because the mechanism used for Dial-A-Story was out of the library for repairs for several months.


“Probably, some of our regular listeners may have gotten discouraged when they did not get a story,” said Elliott, “and we want to remind them that the story hour by phone is now back in operation.”


Each recorded story lasts about four minutes, and the story tapes are changed each week. New tapes have been purchased.

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