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This Week In History, 11-22-07


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


 1932, 75 years ago

The first Presidential Thanksgiving proclamation named Nov. 26, 1789, as Thanksgiving Day. As far as the people were concerned, they could join in with any and all services, for they felt the nation was safe now that the great George Washington was at the helm.


As for Father George, he was entirely too busy to write much in that great diary of his, that is such a precious legacy to his people. Here is all he says: “Nov. 26. Being the day appointed for a Thanksgiving, I went to St. Paul’s chapel, though it was most inclement and stormy--but few people at church.”


In looking back to these special Thanksgiving days of early American history, no patriotic heart can help feeling the beauty and appropriateness of these gatherings, and the part they played in keeping the little nation as one ideal family, until it could walk alone, the American fathers holding before it the truths on which the foundation rests, liberty, equality, integrity.


For whatever else has happened, the foundation of this nation still rests securely. There is much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. The stars have not faltered in their course and freedom still reigns. The good earth has blossomed and fruited for her overlord, man, as in 1607 and 1776.


Now that autumn has marked the finish of her harvest for this year, old earth is drawing back into her sap, her chlorophyll and her chemicals into her storeroom, to be covered with snowy blankets instead of green grass -- conserving and renewing all her power, making ready for next summer’s spread of glory.



  1957, 50 years ago

The license fee of $1 is required of all citizens of the town who operate motor vehicles upon the streets. The present license expires the end of November. New residents are given a reasonable time in which to purchase the license. It may be obtained at the office of the town recorder or by mail.




  1982, 25 years ago


“Many Be Called, But Few Chosen” by Eddie A. Kirby, which he calls “a message to humanity” has been published by the author, and a copy has been donated to Calhoun County Library.


The Big Bend writer discourses on many subjects, including world peace, building dams, end of the world, Mexico, growing fruit, capital punishment, music, along with poems, letters and autographs, and other subjects.

Kirby has requested that the book be held in the reserved section of the library, where patrons can examine the book, but not check it out for reading.

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By Helen Morris:

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