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This Week In History, 10-18-07


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:

 1932, 75 years ago


There will be a meeting of Victor Hamilton Post No. 82 of the American Legion on Saturday night. Guest Commander A.P. Hoy of the 4th District said he has a very important message for all ex-service men.


From National Headquarters comes the flashing news that all World War veterans must arise to combat false propaganda being spoken and circulated against disabled veterans. According to W.O. Umstead, Commander, the Legion adheres to the truth, but when misrepresentation is given, it is ready to fight for the veterans.



  1957, 50 years ago

A prominent educator has warned that the television craze, if it continues “with the present level of programs,” will make us “a nation of morons.”


The educator deplores the lazy shortcuts that fool a student into thinking he is learning when he is not, referring particularly to television. “The habit of reading is something indispensable to intelligence,” declares the doctor, who thinks that too much dependence on television will make impossible the formation of good reading habits by young people.


It is quite possible for a man   or woman to pick up a smattering collection of information on television, through the movies or elsewhere, but it is important that young people understand that a collection of scattered information can be practically useless.


An encyclopedia, or a book of facts, contains many interesting statistics and other things of interest. Nevertheless, no one would call either book “edu-cated” and the same observation applies to the mind that is burdened with the trivia that often passes for learning in circles that are uneducated.



  1982, 25 years ago


An odd but true incident happened near the Vilas Marsh home on Pine Creek. A daughter, Debbie, being the only one at home at the time, heard the dog barking and went outside to see what it was all about. She noticed some strange looking animal in a tree and called her grandfather, Cleo Gainer, to come and see what it was.


When he got there, he saw a big groundhog on a limb on one side of the tree, and on the other side, higher up, was the Marsh’s cat. He shot the groundhog and it fell out of the tree. The dog, being gun shy, ran, but came back later to inspect the game. The cat? It decided there was too much activity going on around there and decided to stay in the tree a while longer.

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