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The Journey . . .

   Mesa Verde, Colorado

by Maricia Mlynek


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We were in our fifth state and were traveling about 1,400 years into the past. The world we entered had elaborate stone communities built in the alcoves of canyon walls. The ancient people who lived and built these massive stone structures were the Ancestral Puebloans.


The structures that stand today are 95% original materials. Think about that for a second. These homes, made of sandstone, dirt and water, have lasted 600 to 700 years. Imagine a home built today standing up to that test of time. These dwellings not only represent beauty and skill, but the ingenious builders and advanced technology of the people who lived in them.






This vigorous civilization was truly impressive. I believe the Mesa Verde National Park must be one of the finest expressions of human culture in North America. Mesa Verde is a testimony of the wonders and mysteries of the Ancient Puebloans.


As we wound our way through the mountain pass, I found myself in awe of our nation. There is so much to see and discover. Just yesterday, I stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon. Today, I walked through the ancient ruins of a lost civilization. Incredible! This journey has simply been incredible.

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