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CHS Competes
In Track and Field
by Newton Nichols

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Calhoun High School competed in its first track and field meet in 30 years on Tuesday, Mar. 24.

Melinda Fitzwater, who has coached cross country at CHS for eight years, helped get the track and field team organized and approved by school officials. Tim Moore and Ernie Tingler are volunteer assistants.

CHS competed against host Roane County and Herbert Hoover.

Fitzwater, who will have additional athletes eligible when they reach their required 14 practice days, expressed thanks to several area teams, including Gilmer, where CHS goes to practice once a week; St. Marys, who donated a set of hurdles for the team to use; and Roane County, which also hosts the team for practices.

The Red Devil girls placed second and the boys were third.

Girls team scores were: Roane 141, Calhoun 49, Herbert Hoover 24, Roane B 6.

First place efforts by the CHS girls included Rebekah Amorosi in the discus (53’5) and Anna Sampson in the 3200 meter run (15:17.48).

Boys team scores were: Roane 116, Herbert Hoover 55, Calhoun 34, Roane B 12, Roane D 5, Roane C 1.

Zach Moore placed first in the shot put (41’0).

Calhoun individual results (top five placers score points):

Girls (event, name, time or distance, place, points scored):

Shot put: Rebekah Amorosi, 19’8.5, 2nd, 4 pts.; Kendra Lipscomb, 13’11, 3rd, 3 pts.

Discus: Rebekah Amorosi, 53’5, 1st, 6 pts.; Kendra Lipscomb, 34’2, 3rd, 3 pts.

100 meter dash: Anna Sampson, 14.31, 2nd, 4 pts.

200 meter dash: Tracy King, 31.28, 2nd, 4 pts.

400 meter dash: Katlin Collins, 1:25.97, 4th, 2 pts.; Ashley Conley, 1:33.37, 1 pt.

800 meter run: Katlin Collins, 3:28.81, 7th; Maria Kisner, 3:37.29, 8th; Ashley Conley, 3:56.00, 9th.

1600 meter run: Anna Sampson, 6:28.35, 2nd, 4 pts.; Tracy King, 7:05.62, 4th, 2 pts.; Maria Kisner, 8:10.59, 7th.

3200 meter run: Anna Sampson, 15:17.48, 1st, 6 pts.; Tracy King, 15:55.16, 3rd, 3 pts.

4x200 meter relay: Ashley Conley, Maria Kisner, Tracy King, Katlin Collins, 2:25.30, 3rd, 3 pts.

4x400 meter relay: Katlin Collins, Maria Kisner, Anna Sampson, Ashley Conley, 6:06.85, 2nd, 4 pts.

Leading CHS scorers, Anna Sampson 14, Rebekah Amorosi 10, Tracy King 9, Kendra Lipscomb 6.

Boys (event, name, time or distance, place, points scored):

Shot put: Zach Moore, 41’0, 1st, 6 pts.; Ray Phillips, 33’4, 5th, 1 pt.; Zac Stump, 32’1, 6th; Charlie Collins, 31’9, 7th.

Discus: Ray Phillips, 91’3, 2nd, 4 pts.; Zac Stump, 85’.5, 3rd, 3 pts.; Charlie Collins, 79’, 7th.

Long jump: Zach Moore, 17’.5, 3rd, 3 pts.

100 meter dash: Daniel Sims, 12.55, 8th.

200 meter dash: Daniel Sims, 25.28, 3rd, 3 pts.; Kyle Keesler, 28.20, 9th.

400 meter dash: Kyle Keesler, 1:05.38, 3rd, 3 pts.

1600 meter run: Harold McCumbers, 5:16.22, 2nd, 4 pts.

4x100 meter relay: Harold McCumbers, Kyle Keesler, Zach Moore, Daniel Sims, 49.00, 3rd, 3 pts.

4x400 meter relay: Harold McCumbers, Kyle Keesler, Zach Moore, Daniel Sims, 4:05.25, 2nd, 4 pts.

Leading CHS scorers, Zach Moore 9, Ray Phillips 5, Harold McCumbers 4, Zac Stump 3, Daniel Sims 3, Kyle Keesler 3.


Photos at bottom of page.


2009 Calhoun High

Track and Field Schedule


31 at Roane Co., quad ...  4:30


  7 at Roane Co., quad ...  4:30

11 at Glenville State, Pioneer

      High School Track and

      Field Classic ...........  9:30

21 at Roane Co., LKC South

      Challenge ...............  4:30

28 at Roane Co., Lindsey

      Mann Memorial ......  4:30


  1-2 at Laidley Field, Charles-

      ton, Gazette Relays

  5 at Roane Co., quad ...  4:30

  8 at Roane Co., LKC

      Championships .......  4:30

15 at Regionals (TBA)

22-23 at Laidley Field, States



Ray Phillips

Zac Stump


Rebekah Amorosi

Daniel Sims


Zach Moore







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