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The Funny Farm
by Robin Gordon


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Riffle the Rooster

One night, we went to the stock sale in Spencer. Danny had decided to bid on a crate with a hen and rooster. Thus, Riffle and Betty came to be. Even though we didn’t know at the time what type of rooster Riffle was, we knew he was going to be a keeper. His demeanor and stature put me to mind of a cartoon Englishman. I could imagine Riffle saying, “Pip-pip, and jolly good man.”


Riffy or Riff-meister, as I call him, is such a sweet rooster. He likes to follow you around the yard and eat out of your hand. A friend, Lisa Hall, has offered Levi $20 for Riffle. (I told you he was a cutie! Well, as cute as chickens come, I mean.)


Riffle struts around the yard like he is the boss, and if another rooster gets near Betty or another one of his lady friends, he chases them to the other side of the yard.


One time, when my mom came up to see Levi’s new rooster, we showed her how gentle   he  was.   We   failed tomention to her that he follows you around. While walking away from Riffle, and out of the corner of her eye, my mom saw him behind her and she started running and hollering, and thought he was going to flog her. That was priceless.

When Levi has his buddy Jared over, the two of them will torment me and tell me they will put Riffle in with one of his game cocks. The two of them love to ruffle my feathers.


In the evening, when it is time to roost, I holler for Riffy and tell him it is time for bed. He follows me to the coop and hops right in. Sometimes, I don’t get outside early enough for Riffle, and he decides that he wants to roost on the side of our pool. I know that I could just pick him up and carry him to the coop, but I am not much of a chicken picker upper. Eventually, I make Levi grab him and put him to roost.


Fear not, oh faithful readers, Riffle will never be an ingredient in my chicken soup!


Next week: Doggie door critters.


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