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The Funny Farm
by Robin Gordon


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More Ali and Random Acts That We Encounter


This week brings us back to Levi’s favorite--Ali. In case you forgot, Ali is Levi’s favorite rooster, named after Muhammad Ali. Ali is one of many game cocks we have. We have a rooster named Boom Boom, as is Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini. Boom Boom is a sneaky chicken. He waits till your back is turned and acts like he is going to flog you through the fence.


We also have Griffin, like the UFC fighter Forrest Griffin. We even had a Bantam rooster named Faber, like the World Extreme Fighting competitor Uriah Faber. (We think he became a raccoon’s dinner.)


Levi was also given an aging game rooster from his Uncle Bobby that we named Rooster Cogburn. (OK, we couldn’t think of anything else.) After we got Rooster Cogburn settled into his new home, we woke up one morning to find a full blown war in our back yard. I will spare you the details, but Levi caught Ali, and by that time, we were paging “Dr. Danny Gordon.”


The guys put a cage in our basement for Ali to recuperate. Every night for two weeks, Danny and Levi soaked the rooster’s feet in peroxide and applied antibiotic ointment. After all that, Ali was released back to the coop, and he is doing well now, but he doesn’t have the strut that he once had. Ali runs away from Riffle, my favorite, who thinks he is the boss now. In the brawl, Ali’s beak was messed up and he was having trouble eating. We bought a product called Pedi Paws (a tool used to trim dog’s nails), so Danny and Levi could reshape his beak for better eating.


Now, Ali will come running every time he hears us fill up the dog food dish, which is set by our basement door. One time, Levi and I were leaving for town, and Levi said he thought Ali snuck in the basement door as we were leaving. I said, “Nah, I never saw him!” When we got back from town, he was roosted on a pipe rack we had for our clothes. He had been in the basement for four hours. (Thank goodness, I had our clothes in garment clothing hangers.) Can you believe Ali still tries to sneak in the basement door if we leave it open?


Next week: Funny Farm Finale.

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