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The Funny Farm
by Robin Gordon


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Funny Farm Finale

As I sat down to write this final story of the funny farm, I realized that there were a few tidbits of our farm that I failed to share with you.


We have an incubator that we raised little chicks. It was so awesome to see the miracle of life. We kept the incubator in our spare room, which is right near the computer, and when I was typing stories for work, I would hear cheeps and see the eggs moving. Although the chicks were all wet and yucky looking when they first hatched, they were so cute after they were dry. We would keep the chicks in a brooder in the basement with a heat lamp on them, so the chicks wouldn’t know if it was day or night. We could hear them cheep at 2 a.m.


I forgot to tell you about our one-legged rooster Freddy. He actually has two legs, but he is only able to use one. Fighting is what caused him to be one-legged. Danny thought we should just put him out of his misery, since he didn’t get around well, but I told Danny that he gets around better than some of the others. When you throw scraps out for the chickens, Freddy is like Superman--he leaps and bounds to make sure he gets a piece of the pie!


Raising doves might be in our future, since they keep getting in the coop and they aren’t smart enough to find their way out. Just kidding.


We also have some deer that we can get within 10 feet. Levi named one Bucky and the other is Spike. We also have a mommy with two young ones. We haven’t named them, since they aren’t used to us yet. We just shake our bucket and they know it is supper time. We love watching them all, and they are not afraid of chickens, but the cats keep the deer skittish. Mr. Patches is the first dog we have had that doesn’t bother the deer. The wireless fence has kept him a little nervous of his boundaries.


Throughout our life, Danny, Levi and I have raised dogs, cats, hogs, goats and chickens. I wouldn’t change a thing, except the smell, about my life on the “Funny Farm.”


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