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The Funny Farm
by Robin Gordon


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Chickens, Chickens, and More Chickens

Now, we are up to the most recent endeavor of the Gordon family farm--chickens. Last summer, Levi’s friend Jared Haught thought that since he had game chickens, Levi would also enjoy chickens. As a result, Danny decided that we needed a chicken coop.


Anyone who is familiar with Danny and me knows that we do not work well together. Danny was determined to make the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. He loves carpentry work, but even he admits that he is not the best. I keep telling him the chickens won’t know if the building is square or not (it isn’t). After two full weekends of working, throwing tools, and receiving questions from me, like “Why are you doing that?”, the coop was complete. The time came for us to fetch the chickens.


In the chicken coop with Ali, Levi and Henny.


Jared gave Levi a rooster named Ali, as in Muhammad Ali, and a hen named Henny. The chickens were half Game and half Rhode Island Red. Throughout this whole ordeal, all Levi and Jared would talk about (besides wrestling) was chickens. I was so sick of them talking chicken, it wasn’t even funny.


After the chickens were settled in, we thought it was time for Ali and Henny to have some friends. We got a few Turkins, which, to me, look like a vulture from the Bugs Bunny cartoon; a Polish rooster named Riffle that has feathers on top of his head and feathered feet (he is my favorite); an old Rhode Island Red named Betty; Freddy the rooster (we aren’t sure what he is); and two white-faced Spanish roosters that we named Pedro and Sting.


If you have never seen white-faced Spanish roosters, they remind me of the clown’s face from the movie “Saw.” It is humorous to feed the chickens bread and scraps through the fence. They all come running at you like it is their last meal. I am not as much afraid of these chickens as I was the pigs. I will get in the coop with Levi, but when their wings start flapping and they are flying near you, I get startled and do a little dance and start squalling to get the heck out the door.


Since we have had the chickens for awhile, Levi’s friend Logan Moore comes to visit and enjoys the chickens as well. I must say that Logan is a pretty good chicken chaser. So, Levi decides to give Logan a few chickens, just as Jared had done for him. Levi gave Logan the white-faced Spanish rooster named Pedro, a Turkin named Gimpy, and a hen named Floppy, since its comb hung over.


There is a moral to this story. Jared gave Levi some chickens--Levi gave Logan some chickens. When a person does something or gives you something, whether it be a good deed or, yes, even a chicken, you should “pay it forward.” Life is too short not to share your experiences with others!


I wanted to introduce you to our brood, since there will be more to come on individual roosters and hens.


Next Week: Riffle the Rooster.


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