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Deer Diary . . .
by Robin Gordon

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            Can you find Robin's dear, Danny?

Feeders can be beneficial to a hunter. There are many types. We have used PVC (plastic) pipe tied to a tree, and there are more elaborate feeders that have timers. Danny has used both types, but he thinks a bear destroyed them.

So, he decided he was going to build a bear-proof feeder. I know that it stands at least 15-feet high. He added a removable ladder, so that nothing can climb or destroy it. The barrel on top of the stand holds at least 200 lbs. of corn. That makes it easier since we do not have to carry corn on the four-wheeler each weekend.

I have one question. Maybe the men reading this can answer me. Why is it that a man will put so much time and effort in a job when it comes to things he enjoys, but a “honey do” list is never finished?

Next, we explore wildlife cameras. Prices range from $50 and up. I think a camera can be beneficial and give a person a record of what happens when you are not around. The only thing I don’t like is viewing and deleting pictures of nothing. Sometimes, even a branch moving can trigger it.

When we view our pictures, Danny is always the first picture we see when he replaces the batteries. No matter how many times he checks on the camera, the flash still startles him, which is hilarious! Of course, you will need to get some of the pictures developed, so you can show your buddies. Never give out the exact location of where the white tail are. Telling that is a big no-no.

Remember to stock up on the big fat batteries for your cameras, because they will use them up quickly.

Next time, we will discuss the benefits of scent free products. It is hard to believe how much it costs just to smell like dirt, or worse!

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