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A Tank of Gas and $20
Stretching Your Vacation Dollars
by Maricia Mlynek


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Burnsville Lake

Approximately three miles from Burnsville, off I-79 exit 79, is Burnsville Lake in Braxton County. I had read that game fish in the lake included largemouth and smallmouth bass, rock bass, bluegill, sunfish, walleye, saugeye, sauger, crappie, muskellunge, channel catfish, flathead catfish, long-nosed gar, and carp, and that trout are stocked in the spring. Well, that sounded like a pretty good place to scope out for dropping in a line!

As we drove East on Rt. 5, the day was gorgeous. Area farmers were raking and taking in hay, and the aroma of fresh cut fields wafted through our open window. “Ahh, summer in the country . . .”. I was anticipating the new places I would see and hoping to find a couple of good spots for future fishing outings. Mellody was partnered with me again, and we decided it was a perfect day for a picnic. So, with picnic in hand and eyes opened for new adventure, we entered Braxton County like two children in a candy shop.

I believe the primary purpose of the dam is flood control, but the lake also offers many recreational opportunities, such as hunting, fishing, picnicking, hiking, camping, and much more. Today, we were going to do at least two of these activities.

I love a good picnic. I also believe no picnic is complete without fried chicken. I’m not sure if that comes from a wholesome country upbringing or Colonel Sanders. Either way, chicken was on the menu.

After the picnic, we headed for the marina to get some general information. We passed children swimming, parents photographing, and grandparents camping. We saw a few fishermen, some wildlife, and a beautiful sun that was beginning to set. We had driven a few other places that day, and it seemed that time had truly flown by.

Burnsville Lake Marina is located directly behind the dam. It provides visitors with docking facilities, boat rentals, snack bar items, and an array of fishing supplies. This was all very interesting, but what truly amazed me was the huge carp swimming around the docks.

I spent most of my childhood summers on Lake Piedmont, Ohio. Docks, lakes and fish are not unfamiliar, but the number of carp in the region of the marina’s docks was almost shocking. I couldn’t begin to count the huge monsters. I have stated previously that I am a veteran teacher, but this “school” was crazy.

It was like stepping into a fairy tale. I kept thinking one of them would talk as it drifted to the top with its large lips open. I could hear it whisper, “West Virginia is calling . . .”. I am glad I answered and so should you. Get out this week to places in our great state and experience the wonders of West Virginia.

Burnsville Lake has many choices for recreation. Choose the one that is right for you, then grab the picnic basket, some fried chicken, an old rod and reel, and skip your way into Braxton County.

Area Events:

July 25, Stepping Stone, North Bend State Park, 7 p.m.

July 26, Blues Night, Clay, 7 p.m.

July 26, Heritage Day, Bulltown Historical Area, 10 a.m.

July 27, Extreme Dirt Series, Mama Sissy’s, Elizabeth, 8 a.m.

July 29-Aug. 2, Braxton County Fairs and Festivals Celebration.

Aug. 1-2, Ritchie County Fair and Exposition, Harrisville.

Aug. 2, Fishing with a Friend, North Bend State Park.

Aug. 6-9, Wirt County Fair, Camp Barbe.

Aug. 8, Avian Program/Birds of Prey, North Bend, 7 p.m.

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By Helen Morris:

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