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Local Impersonator Could Be
Selected For 'Rangers' Show
by Wood B. Good


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With all the interest in the Civil War being generated by the sesquicentennial, it is not surprising that the History Channel is planning a new mini-series based on actual events from that time. What is surprising is what it will be about--and the location where it will be filmed.

The new show, The Moccasin Rangers, is about Calhoun County’s most memorable band of Civil War volunteers. The History Channel is hoping this show will be able to ride on the coattails of last year’s hit mini-series, The Hatfields and McCoys.

The show’s producer, Geoff Alsinger, said that he first heard about the Moccasin Rangers when his 12-year-old son told him about seeing a video on You Tube.

“He called me into his room and said he had an idea for a new show. He showed me the video titled ‘Legends and Lore’ and I was stunned. There it was, everything was perfectly in place, a small village that looked just like it would have in the 1860s, and the people in the video were so convincing in their roles that I couldn’t believe that they were just volunteers from the local Historical Society and not professional actors,” said Alsinger.

“Not to be name dropping, but Brad Pitt has already expressed interest in playing the role of Perry Conley. We are currently writing the screenplay, and I cannot tell you how excited I am about the story lines we have uncovered here.

“Everything you need for a good series is here, love, betrayal, intrigue, retribution. I mean there is even a ‘femme fatale’ in this story, with Confederate spy, Nancy Hart. She was an amazing woman with a story that could span several weeks just about her.

“I truly believe that this could be even a bigger hit than Hatfields and McCoys, because it is a much more encompassing story with more plot twists than Rt. 16. If anybody reading this wonders what that last bit is in reference too, go to Calhoun County and drive Rt. 16 from one end of the county to the other. It is one the twistiest roads I have ever been on,” explained Alsinger.

He said that any credit due for this story being brought to life should go to the Calhoun Historical Society for its production of Legends and Lore and the extensive research that went into their portrayal of the characters.

He said that at least one character, Shadrack Badgett, would be played by the original actor, Historical Society president Robert Bonar, who was so convincing in the role that you could believe he was actually the character he was portraying.

When asked for a comment, Bonar said, “Now that I am retired, I guess I have time to take on a new career, although I am not so sure that my wife Karen wants me to run off to Hollywood and hang out with Brad Pitt.”

The show will begin filming sometime in May and the producers will be here in mid-April to audition local people to be cast as extras on the show. They may be hiring as many as 150 to play the parts of villagers and soldiers.

The 12-part mini-series is due to air this fall, with a weeklong premiere.     APRIL FOOL’S



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